Golden Words of the Day

  • Do not apply your heart to anybody's heart because hearts change.
  • If you want to apply your heart to Allah, then Allah will never change.
  • Keep your thinking even more transparent than water droplets, because just as a river becomes a river with drops, so does thinking. (Hazrat Ali).
  • When a man stops praying for his parents, his provision is withheld.
  • Better to be called a devil than to be a human being.
  • Seek the sustenance in the day and in the night seek the one who provides it.
  • If you are reading only one religion, one ideology and you believe it to be the ultimate truth of the universe, then you are racing alone in the race. Congratulations you are the champion of this race.
  • Whenever you meet someone, do not meet with immoral and irritating behavior. No matter which of the two of you meet will prove to be last and then you will not get the chance to apologize.
  • The Qur'an is light and man is wandering in the darkness outside, leaving this light.
  • Good times and good people are not in the destiny of everyone.
  • The most beautiful part of the human body is the heart; if it is not clean then a shining face is of no use
  • When you pray in Allah's court by expressing your helplessness and the power of Allah, then see what will happen.
  • A young daughter asked her father: Father! What part of the body do I cover and how much of my body is left open? The father replied very handsomely: Leave the body open as much as the body can bear the fire of hell.

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