In the Line of Fire: A Memoir_ by Retired Gen Pervez Musharraf

A Book “In the Line of Fire: A Memoir” was written by former President Pervez Musharraf and first publish was released on 25 September 2006. The book has a compilation of Musharraf's memories and is being sold as his official autobiography.  The book contains topics of Musharraf's personal life and his rise to power. He has written about his childhood, education and life. The book also includes some very important international events which had direct connection with Musharraf and his policies. Besides these he has illustrated about his life in Pak Army and the major assassination attempts on him. The book has been further published duly translated in Urdu (Titled as Sab se Pahle Pakistan), Hindi, Tamil and Bengali languages. For the easiness of our viewers, the book has been uploaded on our site.  Please go on the link to read the book

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