My wife put some tufts on the roof of the house a few days ago and built a small garden. When I went to the roof in the last days, I was surprised to find that many flowers had opened up. There are also two lemons hanging in the lemon plant and two or four green peppers.
I noticed that last week he planted a bamboo plant in the barn, dragging it near to other plants. I said, why are you dragging this heavy lid? The wife told me that here this bamboo plant is drying up, drying it and passing it to this plant. I laughed and said hey, the plant is drying, so what will happen to the fertilizer, if you place it to other plants?
The wife said with a smile and said that this plant is alone here so it is dying. If it will be placed near other plant then it will rise again. The plants are withered alone, but they are resurrected if they are combined with another plant.
It was very strange but very shocking for me and one by one, several pictures were made before the eyes. How daddy got old, very old one night after his mother's death. Although she lived for sixteen years after her mother left, but like a dry plant. During mother’s live days, I had never seen him sad, They had become quiet after the departure of their mother.
I was completely confident in my wife's conviction. It seemed that the plants would be withered alone. In childhood, I once bought a small colored fish from the market and filled it with water in a glass jar.
The fish remained sorrowed all day long. I even put food in it for her, but she kept quietly moving around in the water. The whole meal sat in the bottom of the jar but the fish ate nothing.
For two days she remained like that, and one morning I noticed that she had expired and on the surface of the water. Today, I was remembering the little fish I brought home. In childhood, no one told me that, if I had known, I would have bought at least two, three or all the fish, and my beloved fish would not have died alone.
I think no one in the world likes loneliness. Whether it is a man or a plant, no one needs anything. You look around you, if you see someone there alone, take them with you, and keep them from withering. If you are alone, take along someone else, and prevent yourself from dying. Loneliness is the biggest punishment in the world.
The herbaceous plant can be pulled by hand to another plant, but bringing the person closer requires understanding, preserving, and wrapping relationships. If you feel that the juice of life is dripping in a heartbeat, life is dying, then add the juice of relationship love to it. Be happy and smile. If someone has gotten away with someone else's mistake, try to bring it closer to you and be full.

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