Allah sent human beings into this world as Ashraf al-Mukhlukat, which includes both men and women. From Adam and Bibi Hawa to this day, men and women are at peace with each other through a special marriage. Islam gave our woman all the rights that no religion gave to a woman. But when our Prophet said in accordance with Allah's command, fear Allah in the matter of women. Give them a share in the property. At the same time, the angry European pastor, steeped in disbelief and confusion, was debating whether a woman had a soul or not. Allah has given a woman the prominent place that the human race is created by Him. Allah has also consolidated His oneness in the woman's heart in another way. A woman is never an idiot in her love. His heart could not want two men at the same time.
Which persons doubt their spouse or want to know about his old life after marrying his wife, they make a big mistake. Many men ask their wives if you have any affair before marriage? Will there be any boyfriend? Is every girl a boyfriend ?? Most married women never mention the painful doubts they face from their husbands, and gradually, they become psychological patients. There are some women in our society that even if they have four children, then the husband is not suspected. Keep making. If a girl had broken a couple of engagements before marriage, it would have been helpful for her to get advantage.
As Muslim, men do not know that our prophets and companions even married divorced and widowed women. But there is no mention of these women being subjected to divorces or widows as a means of torture or suspicion. Does this mean to the common man of today?
It is commonly seen in the society that a man who loves his wife or is involved in household chores; is considered a slave of his wife and does not know that he seems to consider love to his wife a crime. Some men humiliate their wives with pride in their kin that I put my wife at the tip of the shoe and have a derogatory attitude in front of everyone. I have listen even from a man that the wife is the slave of the husband because her right (Haq Mahar) is paid, so she is liable to afford every trouble for her husband.
By doing all these, no man can make a place in his wife's heart. Allah has appointed a man to be the head of the household to his wife. When a girl comes into marriage with a man, do good and do not disturb your marital life by talking about the people here .Don't disrupt yourself in the flames of doubt or hurt your wife mentally. Do not ruin your home by repeated calls or listening to a ringing number. If nothing goes, people's lives are ruined by two honorable men and women. If children are present, their lives are also ruined. Psychological disorders arise. A pure relationship breaks down. The blame is essentially placed on the girl or the woman. So please do not ruin your house due to the doubts. Off course some people will criticize to my post that even if the wife doubts, then the husband should remove the doubt from his wife and a man has the right to four
marriages. The purpose is to treat wives in the same way that is in accordance with the commands of Allah and His Messenger. Keep away from misunderstandings and misconduct. Make a happy life for yourself and your family.

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