Husbands situation in houses during lockdowns

The situation of husbands in the house nowadays
1- When you get out of the room, you have destroyed broom just now cleaned it
2- sleep on bed,  “the whole bed sheet is damaged so you don't have manner
3- If you want something to eat, she will ask just gave it
4- Play the TV, let me sleep
5- Get out of bed, Where are you going?
6- Don't get up, your back is not hurting at the same place since morning?
7-. If you want tea, how much tea will you drink?
8- When looking at cold drinks, don't be too lean, already bulky
9- Peep out of the house, so what are you watching? Lie down
10- Go a bit late, get up, the bed sheet is damaged. Fix it
11- Tell Your Children Something, What Do You Do? Children are left behind.
12- Don't tell them, you've got them over your head
13- If you talk about going out of your way, are you crazy? What will go into these situations?
14- If you call someone home, beware that none of these situations occur in my house
15- Call someone, they are on the phone all day, they will do the same in the office.

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