Basics of MS Excel

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We had discussed in our previously introduced MS Excel in detail regarding its genesis, objectives and versions since its creation. We hope you had must read and conversant to its basic objective. Henceforth, we shall discuss in detail regarding MS Excel as per our capability for your better understanding. Now we are discussing about basics of MS Excel. We shall try to discuss the program suitably matching on all current versions. We hope you must read and understand it. So we are now discussing abut following:-
Cell.    Thousands of rectangles having in a worksheet are called cells. These cells are interconnected with horizontal and vertical lines. These cells different types of content like text, formulas, functions formatting attributes. We shall understand the importance of the Cell before working in MS Excel. Each Cell in the worksheet has its own address or name, which is shown in name box on home tab. Address of cells is recognized with horizontal a vertical lines or lines of columns and rows. Rows are identified as 1, 2, 3 whereas columns are known as A, B, C. Subsequently, Row 5 of Column C will recognize address of cell as C5. Similarly, row 5 of column D will identify address of cell as D5. Only 1 data or piece can be stores in one cell. 255 characters can be inserted in a cell. Users have its own discretion to changing font format, number format, background, alignment as well as place conditional formatting in the cell. Properties or formatting of cells can be changed as per users’ requirements as under. A cell selected which is currently and highlighted by a rectangular box moreover, its address is be shown in the address bar is called active cell. It is activated by by clicking on it or by using arrow buttons. To edit a cell, double-clicked on it or F2 will be used for inserting data into it.
Columns & Rows.  vertical set of cells is called column. Single worksheet contains 16384 columns having its own alphabetical letter from A to XFD. Column can selected by clicking on its header. Horizontal set of cells is called row. Single worksheet contains 1048576 rows with its own identification numbers from 1 to 1048576. A row can be selecting by clicking on the row number marked on the left side of the window.
Address Bar/ Name Box  shows address of active cell. If there are selected more than one cell, then it will show the address of the first cell in the range.
Formula Bar. An input bar shown below the ribbon is called formula bar. Formula shows data or contents of the active cell and it can be used to enter a formula in cells.
Worksheet.   Worksheet is made up of individual cells which contain values, formulas, or text. Worksheet has also an invisible draw layer, that contains charts, diagrams and images. Each worksheet is accessible by clicking on the respective tab at the bottom of the workbook window. Worksheets can be deleted or hidden in workbook.
Workbook. a separate file of MS Excel like every other application is called workbook. Each workbook have one or many worksheets. In other words to it can be said that it is collection of many worksheets or a single.
Status Bar: A thin bar at the bottom of Excel window is called Status Bar. It helps instantly during working in MS Excel.

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