Moro city of Distirict Naushahro Feroze, administratively subdivided into 23 Union councils is located in centre of Sindh on National Highway Rd (N-5). The city is 12 kms away right of Indus River. The city has Mithiani Town in North,  Shahpur Jahania in South, Naushahro Feroze city in the West whereas, Indus River in the is flowing in the east. The population of Moro is 368,789. Taluka moro is covered in 749 Sq kms area. History states that the city was established during the Mian Naseer Muhammad Kalhoro reigns. It is expected that the name of city is placed with the name of a Soldier Command of Mian Naseer Muhammad Kalhoro namely, “Makhan Moro”, which was later renamed as Moro.
There is Village namely Village Gachairo holds a historic status in the area. There is a fort in the village around there were ditches for the security of fort. Moro city was famous for producing soaps, jewelry, and pots in the area in previous decades.
The Taluka Moro has 98% Muslim community of its total population, The first language of taluka is Sindhi whereas, Punjabi and Urdu are also spoken in some of party of Taluka especially in Moro city. There are many schools and colleges in the city moreover, there is a govt civ Hospital besides many private hospitals and clinics are available in the city. Due to its linkage through road communications with neighbouring cities, Moro city is hub for business point of view moreover it is largest city of DistrictNaushahro Feroze.
The city is famous for giving birth to many renowned singers and focal persons of Sindh. Qazi Khuda Bakhsh Soomro, the first Muslim Mayor of Karachi also belongs to Moro as well as the famous poets, Nasir Morai, Rashid Morai, Gul Hassan Buriro, Azeem Sindh, Maikash Soomro  belong to Moro as well as legend singers Allah Dad Zardari, Gul Sher Teewnu, Jalal Chandio, Saima Soomro also hail from Moro.
Major Crops of the Moro Taluka are Wheat, Cotton, rice, sugarcane, whereas, mangoes, Banana, Lemon, orange fruits are grown in Taluka.

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