Ranipur city is located approximate 50 KMs away from Khairpur city, 30 KMs from ancient Kot Deiji Fort in northern Sindh. The town has status as town of Taluka Sobho Dero, District Khaipur. Ranipur is well known due to home of the famous Sufi Sachal Sarmast whose shrine is at Daraza Sharif. Sachal Sarmast was sufi and poet who wrote his poetry in seven languages i.e Arabic, English, Seraiki, Punjabi, Urdu, Persian and Balochi. As per census conducted during 2017, population of the city is 71464 with 11650 households.  
Ranipur city is expected to be established before Kalhora rulers (1701 - 1783 AD). The town has unique loc due to between two canals i.e Rohri Canal on East and Abul Canal on West. The name of city is based on a wife of Darya Khan who was a ruler of Thatta. The city grew up to fame firstly time in Britain government on rising of an anti Khilafat’ movement from Ranipur city by the Pirs of the city to protect interest of British Raj.
There are 6 shrines, which have assisted in popularity of Ranipur city. Moreover, 6 gates which have made beautiful and well known city of Sindh. These gates are Gate 1 (Babe Dastageer), Gate 2 (Babe Sachal Sarmast), Gate 3 (Babe Bodela) Gate 4 (Babe Saleh Shah), Gate 5 (Babe Abdul Jabbar Shah) and Gate 6 (Chattan Shah Badshah). The city is famous also due to affiliation of family of Pir Syed Jillani, whose followers are stretched over Pakistan. This family is very influential in political platform due to their followers.  
Villages of Syed, Soomra, Kalhora, Abbasi, Memon, Ansari, Khaki, Watni, Sarki, Jamra, Juneja, Tagar, Pathan, Brohi, Bhellar, Shahani, Wasan, Solangi, Rajper, Sahita, Ghangra, Mugheri, Domki and Umrani tribes are nearing Ranipur.
Ranipur city although a small town, it is booming in education. Its Government Primary School was established in 1892, Government High School was established in 1939. Ranipur was then a part of the Khairpur state of Mirs. At present there are Government Girls Primary School, Sachal Sarmast Boys Degree College, Government Girls Degree College, Mehran Higher Secondary Public School, Bahria Foundation College and other many Private Schools. Mazhar Muslim Model Higher Secondary School founded by Engineer Mumtaz Ali Channa is also famous education institute in city, where students from different parts of Sindh and country come for getting education and got admitted in its hostel.

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