Ustad Bukhari

Syed Ahmed Shah Bukhari alias Ustad Bukhari son of  Syed Hajan Shah born on 16 January 1930 at Village Ghulam Chandio, District Dadu. His family links are derived from Syed Jalal ud Din Shah of Uch Sharif. Income source of his father was donation to be paid by followers. However, Ustad Bukhari left that and continued his studies.
He received his primary education from his native village in 1941 and passed final exam (upto 7th class) in 1943 from Dadu. He received teacher training from 1951 to 1954 from Government Elementary College Mithiani, District Naushahro Feroze. Later, he was appointed as primary teacher and provided his services as Primary teacher upto 1964.
He passed BA in 1964 and MA (Sindh Literature) in 1967 from Sindh University Jamshoro. He was appointed as Lecturer in 1967 on recommendations of Sindh Public Service Commission in Sanghar. He also provided his services as lecturer in Nawabash. He was transferred at Dadu College in 1971 where he was also promoted as professor. Late 1980 he left his native village and started living in Dadu city. He got retirement from his service as professor in 1990.
Ustad Bukhari was suffering from cancer since long and because of this illness, he had also transfused his blood from London but could not survived and he expired on 9 October 1992 at hospital in Karachi. He was buried on 10 October 1992 at Dadu.
Commemorating his contributions, name of Dadu Degree College was renamed with his  name as Ustad Bukhari Degree College in 1995 as well as government of Pakistan awarded him Pride of Performance in 2009.
Ustad Bukhari was a famous progressive Sindhi language and his creative contributions in poetry changed the thoughts of people and he got popularity in country as well as abroad. He was known as poet of common public and definitely he expressed his feelings in language of common people. His poetry has been sung by many singers of Sindh. He has written so much poetry which was complied in him in many poetry books as well as some of the books of Ustad Bukhari poetry were published after his death. Some of his books are:
  • Geet Asaan ja Jeet Asaan ji in 1971
  • Hee Geet Gulabi Baran jaa in 1980
  • O'toon Jo'Toon in 1985
  • Kookan yaa Kaliyaan in 1986
  • Sochoon Bhunkaa Wakaa in 1990
  • Lahar Lahar Daryaa in 1990
  • Kaary Kakar heth in 1991
  • Dharti Sarti in 1991
  • Zindagi Zindagi in 1992
  • Na Kam nibrio na Gham nibrio in 1993
  • Justajoo La-Takanatu in 1993
  • Maandi thee na Maarui in 1994
  • Wilwilo aen wok in 1994
  • Melaa Malhalaa in 1996
  • Watan aen Wesaah in 1997
  • Hee Gajraa he gola in 1997
  • Harai Hetch watan jaa in 1998
  • Lahri Lahri men Lalaan in 1998
  • Gaae pio Jaagy pio in 1999
  • Tad tad tediyaan Galhyaan in 2001 in Siraiki language
  • Guldasty men Geet in 2007
  • Per na Hatan poetry in 2007
  • Dhoor Dard je dil ty in 2007
  • Ghiryaa se charhiyaa in 2007
  • Bukhaari jaa Kat'aa in 2008

Besides a good teacher and poet, Ustad Bukhari was also a good musician and he originated tunes of many of his own songs.   

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