Anwar Solangi

Anwar Solangi born at Shahdadpur in 1944 but later had shifted to Hyderabad. He had a fondness for acting right from early days. He started to explore his skills through theater stage in a very early age. He formally started his career from Radio Pakistan as drama artist and anchorperson in 1970 afterwards he joined Pakistan Television and he acted in a number of dramas. His first drama was “Inquiry Officer” which was telecasted in Sindhi Language. This drama was written by Mirza Kaleech Baig. His fame came out after playing part in Urdu Drama “Dewarain” during 80s in which he played role of “Makhan Khan”.
He was appointed as anchorperson in the Hyderabad radio station during Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s regime but was removed from the post by subsequent government of Ziaul Haq. He had played in over 500 dramas both in Urdu and Sindhi languages. Rewarding his credit, Anwar Solangi was twice awarded PTV Awards for best actor and best supporting actor. His famous dramas were Choti Si Duniya, Deewarain, Jungle, Marvi  Inquiry Officer, Rani jo Kahani, Milkyat, Jaar, Dhuban and many more dramas.

Anwar Solangi also took part in an Urdu film “Khwahish” in 1993; as well as he worked in about ten Sindhi language films. Besides acting field Anwar Solangi was also good writer and poet. He wrote a book with the name “Zahar Bhariya Piyala” which published year 2008. His book includes collection of his articles, poems and about his personal life. His articles and poems were also published in various newspapers.
Anwar Solangi was not satisfied from acting due to receiving less response from government departments. He had said many times that he would not become actor if he had known that such attitude is being given to actors of Pakistan.
Anwar Solangi died at Karachi on 3 Apr 2008 in the age of 64 years. He was suffering from a long illness from kidney disease and was admitted at Civil Hospital, Karachi. Anwar was placed in rest at Sakhi Hassan graveyard, Karachi. He had lived until his in rented house in Hyderabad and had paid rents from his routine earnings. He left his behind wife, two daughters and an infant son.
Recognizing his services in the field of show business, Anwar Solangi was awarded pride of performance in 2010.

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