Qaisar Khan Nizamani


Qaisar Khan Nizamani born on 9 August 1965 is a veteran Pakistani actor and husband of Fazila Qazi, a popular television actress of Pakistan. He is also remembered the stylish young hero who became a television star in the early 1990s, while some people know him as husband of Fazila Qazi, who is also a popular television actress. He was encouraged to become television star by Late Shafi Muhammad Shah, and firstly he acted in a Sindhi play. However, it was his role in the play 'Tapish', directed by Sahira Kazmi which was aired on Pakistan Television in 1994.  Although he faced some hindrance in show business environments in early years; Qaisar soon made place as television actor with talent. His other notable performance boosted which was as a Sindhi feudal wadera in epic drama serial 'Hawaien' which was written by Farzana Nadeem Syed and directed by Haider Imam Rizvi. He also took part in famous drama serials 'Kasak' and 'Marvi'.

Qaisar Khan Nizamani met his wife Fazila Qazi on set of 'Arzoo' and later on even directed the play.  Later, he then directed a number of drama serials. Recently, his directorial skills were shown in shows on ARY Digital by with the name of 'Tumhain Yaad Ho Ke Na Yaad Ho'.

His character in a drama 'Yeh Zindagi', which was directed by Sultana Siddiqui, also received enormous appreciation. Though, Qaisar Khan Nizamani played a supporting role in the drama but his acting was esteemed at every level. On the induction of private channels, he was casted in drama 'Ahsaas' which was showed on Indus Television. His other remarkable plays include 'Buri Aurat' and 'Makaan'. In 2010, he played in Geo Television drama 'Zeenat Bint-e-Sakina Hazir Ho' dealt with the widespread issues faced by women due to feudal system in Interior Sindh.

Qaisar Khan contested elections under Shafi Muhammad Shah on Pakistan People's Party seat during general elections 2002 but both of them could not succeed. Qaisar Khan Nizamani also contested in general elections 2018 from the platform of Pakistan People’s Party in NA 247 (Karachi South 2) but could not succeed.

He is married with a famous actress, producer, director, anchor person and Chef Fazila Qazi and has 2 sons. Fazila Qazi is daughter of famous TV actor Qazi Wajid. She started his career as child star in 1980 and formally entered in Show Business in 90s after performing as model. She born in Karachi and completed her degree from Karachi University. Her name was changed as Fazila Qaisar after marriage with Qaisar Khan Nizamani. The couple had married in 1994 and has completed 26 years of their married life happily at every level.  After the marriage they launched own production company called Studio and media Services

During a talk show they shared their love story that they had fell in love with each other during the shooting of drama serial Arzoo. Qaisar Khan Nizamani said that after shooting of drama, once Fatima Surriya Bajjiya asked him to drop Fazila Qazi to her home; it was then and there when they had fall in love.

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