The Legend Actor, Noor Muhammad Lashari


    Noor Mohammad Lashari was the famous artist of Pakistan Television. Noor Mohammad Lashari was resident of Kot Lashari in Bhan Saeedabad, District Dadu. He was the only son of his parents. His mother was belonging to Makrani Tribe. After completing his primary education, he joined education department and started teaching. He started his career with Ustad Bukhari's Natak Mandli. Bejal's name is at the top of his early stage dramas. He was associated with Radio Pakistan Hyderabad from 1960 and remained there for a long time and continued to show the essence of voice acting. When Pakistan television station was established in Karachi in 1967, he started to work there as copyist due to his beautiful hand writing but earlier, he started his acting career with the weekly Sindhi dramas Natak Rang. He entered in Pakistan Television under the supervision of Abdul Kareem Baloch. He was one of the senior actors of Pakistan Television. Jungle, Deewarain, Choti Si Duniya and Chand Girhan are his most popular Urdu Dramas. Besides, he also played in Sindhi dramas of Pakistan Television. He had also performed in many Sindhi and Urdu films. Though, he was performing as serious roles but he was keen of listening and telling jokes. He had shared some of his true incidents of his life that once he had gone to his friend where he had purchased one kg jelly (jalebi) and ate it on the spot afterwards, he said his friend that he would take tea without sugar due to diabetes patient. He was awarded Presidents Pride of Performance in 1993. He had two marriages from he has kids. Out which his one son Gul Muhammad has performed in some dramas but left showbiz after growing up. Noor Muhammad Lashari was diabetes patient and passed away on 1 February 1997 in Karachi and was buried in Manghopir, Graveyard, Karachi.

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