District Tando Muhammad Khan


District Tando Muhammad Khan

History and Statistics of  District Tando Muhammad Khan

Tando Muhammad Khan city is located on right bank of Fuleli Canal (old name of Fuleli was Gooni) at a distance of 35 kilometers (21 miles) away from Hyderabad. The city has also a railway station on Hyderabad - Badin Railway Line. 

The city was founded by Mir Muhammad Khan Talpur Shawani (died in 1813) in 1791 during the British era and its administration was given under the seat of Assistant Collector. Later its status was changed to municipality in 1856. The city was later given status of Taluka of District Hyderabad

Population of city grew up after partition specially during the settlement of Muslims coming from India. It was created as separate district in April 2005 by Mir Ali Nawaz Khan Talpur, then advisor to CM Sindh. However, its first district government was established in October 2005. The district is stretched in 429936 acres area. Tando Muhammad Khan city is also headquarter of District with 3 talukas i.e Tando Muhammad Khan, Bulri Shah Karim and Tando Ghulam Hyder. 

As per census of 2017, the city is 95th largest city of country whereas population of district Tando Muhammad Khan is 677228 (350010 males, 327202 females and 16 transgender with average annual growth of 2.31% from census 1998 to 2017). Approx 79% of total population are settled in rural areas and remaining 21% people of the district are urban based.

First languages of the district is Sindhi spoken by 91% population and secondly Urdu spoken by 2.8% population. Urdu language is understood widely but natively spoken by muhajirs primarily. Seriaki, Balochi, Brohi, Marwari, Gujarati, Kutchi, Memoni, Bagri and many other minor languages are by being spoken in the district. Persian Language is also being spoken by Hazara (Mughal) tribe of General Moosa Khan (Late) settled in Bulri Shah Karim and Sarhandi settled in Tando Saindad Village (1 km away from Tando Muhammad khan city).

Climate of District Tano Muhammad Khan is comparatively moderate to other districts of Sindh. May, Jun and July are the hottest months when temperature is raised upto 330 to 350 C whereas, December, January and February are the coldest months when, temperature falls upto 150 to 200 C. Summer heat is relived by blowing of south western breeze of Arabian Sea. During winters, winds of north originating from Quetta (Balochistan) increase coldness of the district during winters. Monsoon seasons starts from Jul and ends in Septembers.

There are many historical places in the district with the main places, Shrine of Shah Abdul Karim Bulri Waro, Sudhorol jo Thulh, Shrine of Mir Muhammad Khan and birth place of Birbal at Tando Ghulam Hyder.

Main income source of the district is agricultural lands moreover; District Tando Muhammad Khan is famous for preparing sindh cultural symbol “Ajrak”, Farasi and Kaashi. There are four main sugar mills in District Tando Muhammad Khan.

National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) satellite center is established in Tando Muhammad Khan making it 4th city to which such facility has been provided in Sindh. The center provides cardiac treatment services to Thatta, Badin, Tharparkar and adjoining areas.

Tando Muhammad Khan District is ranked at 115th in the education score index as per Pakistan District Education Rankings 2017 published by Alif Ailaan. This index is number is very concerning for the district and requires attention to improve education within district.

One national assembly seat (NA-228) and 2 provincial assembly seats (PS-68 & PS-69) exist in District Tando Muhammad Khan. During general elections of 2018, national and both the provincial seats were won by PPP’s contestants. Syed Naveed Qamar won from NA-228, Syed Aijaz Hussain Shah won from PS-68, whereas, Abdul Karim Soomro won PS-69.


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