Anwar Hussain Vistro, Legend Singer of Sindh


Anwar Hussain Vistro, Legend Singer of Sindh

Singer Anwar Hussain Vistro son of Abdul Hadi was born during the year 1947. He is basically resident of Tharushah city, District Naushahro Feroze. This town is also native town of Legend Singer Late Master Chandar.  Anwar Vistro got primary education later achieved his qualification from Primary School Tharushah. Later he completed his education upto 8th class from High School Tharushah.

Anwar Vistro was impressed very much from public singer Master Chandar. Since, he had keen interest in singing like Master Chandar since childhood.

His parents handed him over to famous Sindhi music Teacher Ustad Manzoor Ali due to his attention over singing. Where, he started learning singing during 1965 at his teacher Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan at Tando Adam. He got music teachings upto seven years. Anwar Hussain Vistro, Legend Singer Late Waheed Ali and Qamar Soomro and other famous singers of Sindh learned music together under the supervision of Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan.

Anwar Vistro released his first song on Radio Pakistan Karachi during 1972. His first song was released “Hayati Husn waran saan guzarin ko gunah konhay” on Radio Pakistan. This song became very popular and is being listened till today. He was supported by Radio Producer Khawaja Imdad for first entry in Radio Pakistan. He later mostly released his songs on Radio from Radio Pakistan Hyderabad. After getting fame on Radio, he early entered in Pakistan Television under the supervision of TV Producer Ali Muhammad Mahar. Later he released many songs as well as attended music programs of Pakistan Television. He released his first cassette from the Paras Production Company during 1970s.

During his journey of Singing, Anwar Vistro has achieved so much talent that he started composing of his songs himself. Since, his talent developed him a good singer as well as a good composer. He has also sung many songs with his own compositions.

He likes Late Master Chandar very much as well as Singer Muhammad Yousaf is his favorite singer. Anwar Visitro and Muhammad Yousaf have also sung many songs together on one tune. Anwar Hussain Vistro and Legend Female Singer Late Runa Laila have sung together a song for the Sindhi film Pardesi. Anwar Vistro has also sung with Humaira Channa.

Anwar Hussain Vistro has sung poetry of many famous poets of Sindh. These poets include Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Sachal Sarmast, Mir Abdul Rasool Mir, Ajiz Ujjan Ustad Bukhari, Anwar Qambrani, Mushtaq Mahesar Niaz Pitafi, Mustafa Dahri and many others.

He has also given teachings of music to many singers. His famous students are Imdad Vistro, Najab Vistro, Zahid Gul and his son Ayaz Anwar Vistro.

He has received many awards on his much performance in singing. He has received Latif Award, Sachal Award, Misri Shah Award and many others.

Currently, Anwar Vistro is at elder age and given up singing due to ailing condition. He has objection against Sindh Culture Department that he is not being due attention during his ailing days.

His son Ayaz Anwar Vistro is also interested in music and sings in different events.

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