Asghar Khoso, Comedian and YouTuber of Sindh

Asghar Khoso, Commedian and YouTuber of Sindh


Asghar Khoso is comedian star, singer, actor of Suhni Sindh, Social Media Star. He gained fame through Facebook, YouTube and other Social Media Tools.

Asghar Khoso was born to a poor person who was a peon in Agriculture Department. His father had not so amount that he could get qualification to Asghar Khoso. So, he is illiterate and even no completed his primary education.  His father expired at the stage when he was even 12-20 years age.

Asghar Khoso has seen many sorrows and struggled very much to survive his life. He was very poor and had worked as waiter on hotels. He later started to wash vehicles and cars from where he learned to drive car. He also used to sell children edible in different schools, colleges and bazaars. He shifted to Jamshoro city from his native town after the floods of 2010. But he had not even a penny to pay the rent of house to live his family. Since, he lived in abandoned accommodation of his relative where he used to sleep on rocks on the house. His wife has attacked with paralysis and she could not move. So he used to took her on hands and sit her in public vehicles for treatment from Karachi. Her son is asthma patient and he used to get treated from hospitals of Hyderabad city. His mother was also diabetes patient and dependent on him. But he did not give up his struggle to become famous comedian and ever tried to discover his talent.

He had keen interest for performing as comedian on stage shows since childhood. He used to organize stage shows after contributions of 2 to 5 rupees from his colleagues, relatives and neighbors. He was thus criticized very much by his friends and relative on such attitude. Moreover, he used to organize shows in different events of Independence days, Eids or marriage ceremonies. He shared an incident of his initial days that he had announced to organize an event in college of his native home town. But he could not arrange funds for setting tables and stage for the event. Since he performed the event on the roof an unserviceable bus stood near the venue.

He was initially ignored by directors of TV Channels and other showbiz functionaries. He had said in an interview that his friend Ghulam Shabbir Jamali had assisted him, who prepared his Facebook ID. Aghar Khoso prepared a funny video and uploaded on it which became viral very much.  Since then he was encouraged for more hardworking and, he prepared a Facebook Page, which has reached over 1,100,000 followers. Continuing to boost up himself he created YouTube Channel and started working on it which led him over 600,000 followers.

Many civil education institutions, showbiz platforms and others departments have given him awards. He has also received Silver award from YouTube for reaching at 100,000 subscribers. He is also a good singer and sung many songs.

His parody song “Meray Rakhsy par Charh” composed on the tune of Indian Song Meray Rakshe Qamar became very popular on YouTube, Facebook and other Social Media Tools. This song achieved over 5000,000 views on YouTube, which was also appreciated by Indian people and praised very much on its composition and poetry.

He has also sung Sindhi Traditional Song “Ho Jamalo” composing his own sound and tune. This song also reasoned to become very famous and is being sung during different national events of Sindh like Sindh Culture Day etc.  Besides he has many national and parody songs which led him to the peak of the popularity. He has always performed in his comedies showing positive impact on the public.

He has two sons Hasnain and Adil who are studying in a school of Hyderabad.

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