Banana Fruit, Trees, Leaves & Roots, Major Income Source

Banana Fruit, Trees, Leaves & Roots, Major Income Source

90000 to 100000 acres land in Pakistan consists of banana orchards which produce about 100,000 billion tons banana is produced in a year. Bananas’ farmers dispose of woods and leaves of banana trees after harvesting Banana fruits to cultivate and grow up trees for fruits cycle.

One acre of banana trees can produce ten tons of banana fruits whereas farmers clean up to 40 tons of leaves and other trash from one acre of banana orchard and clean upto 25 tons of banana woods or roots, which are mandatory to clean for next cultivation of banana trees.

As everybody knows that wood of banana trees is different than other trees which cannot be used for even firewood. So, banana farmers get rid of it like scrap and set it on fire after drying it.

However, the trees of banana have been provided with strong threads from which threads can be extracted easily. We can extract threads from banana trees through a simple machine prepared like a sugarcane juice extractor machine. This machine is called respidaro machine through which we can split threads and fiber from banana trees.

You will be surprised to read that approximately one million threads are produced from this textile business through banana trees. The price of one kg thread produced from banana in international market is equal to one hundred Pakistani rupees. Which means a labour can earn 1500 to 2000 a day after extracting fifteen to twenty kgs of threads from banana.

Threads acquired from bananas' roots are very strong, flexible and soft and we can prepare household cloth, covers of tables and chairs, babies’ clothes, handicrafts, and many others items for daily usage from this thread. This business is environment friendly for everyone to adopt it in cheapest investment.

Respidaro machine is prepared with two metallic rollers and one motor like a sugarcane juicer machine. If case this machine is prepared in local market, then manufacture will spend only 40 to 50 thousands rupees for its preparation. in this way, one man can earn 2000 rupees on daily basis after investing only 50000 rupees.

People of Philippines, India, Vietnam and West Indies and many other countries have adopted this business and produce threads from banana leaves. But our country is not yet well conversant about this business.

We can use remaining fossils of banana as fertilizer after extracting threads. we can use these remnants to prepare packing materials, papers and other items.

We should give attention on this business and train people in the areas, like Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Naushahro Feroze etc and motivate them to adopt this business. We should take measure to prove this business as fruitful resource for earning money.  people can also improve their living standard after adopting this business. Government of Pakistan should also give attention on this point and create opportunities for the people in the areas, where banana fruit is cultivated.

As per international statistics, India is at the top to produce bananas followed by Brazil whereas Pakistan is at 42 number for producing bananas in the world.

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