Singer Dilsher Teewnu, Caretaker of Yaktaro and Chapri

Singer Dilsher Teewnu

Singer Dilsher Teewnu brother of Gul Sher Teewnu is resident of Moro, District Naushahro Feroze. He is basically resident of Village Kamil Khan Teewnu near a town Paat of District Dadu. They had shifted to Moro during 1987. His parents had died when he was only 8 month since then; he had grown up under the supervision of his sister, brother Late Gul Sher Teewnu and other brothers. He belongs to a poor family and he had slept many nights in hungers. His elders had business to cut firewood of Katcha area near to his native home i.e Paat, District Dadu and sell it on camel in different areas.

His brother Gul Sher Teewnu was assassinated, when he was coming back after performing in a marriage ceremony on night on 19 / 20 Aug 1990. After the death of Gul Sher Teewnu, Dilshar Teewnu had only 10-12 year age. After death of his brother Gul Sher Teewnu, he started his career from 1991.

He got musical teachings from Late JalalChandio for three years, later he got musical training from the teacher of his brother “Ustad Allah Dad Khaskheli”. Ustad Allah Dad Khaskheli had served with Late Jalal Chandio. He is also teacher of Late Gul Sher Teewnu and lived with him since 1978.

Dil Sher Teewnu started his musical career through playing on harmonium but, later following his brother; he started singing Sindhi music with Sindh’s traditional and typical musical instrument “Yaktaro and Chapri”. 

Currently, he is only signer presenting playing typical instrument of Yaktaro and Chapri. But Sindh Culture Department has not taken interest on him. He has not yet been given chance to perform in national or international events to discover tradition of Sindh and his talent. So, he is desirous to take opportunity for national events like Shah Abdul Bhittai Musical concerts and Sachal Sarmast Musical concerts. He has also performed in Dubai and Saudi Arabia on call of his fans.

His fans have an objection for not singing in Sufism. He had cleared during an interview that he has sung some Sufi songs but, Sufism is a vast and different aspect for singing. Every singer sings after filling himself with the feelings on the topics, which sings. Moreover, Sufi singers of Sindh have sung Sufism with extra enthusiasm and received admiration in country as well as at international level. He has keen interest of singing so; Sindhi people like and support him very much.

Dilsher Teewnu is not habitual to take meals in restaurants or in programs and always take foods cooked at his home. Moreover, he is vegetarian and never taken meat or chicken. Due to these two habits, one the interesting incident which has occurred in his life, when he had gone Dubai during 2012. His colleagues had taken delicious foods of Dubai whereas he took meal with tomatoes. 

He has sung many songs and released many albums. He mostly sings during musical concerts of marriage ceremonies and has received appreciations. He has also sung many Sindh national songs. His popular song is “Maan Seendh Sindhu ji Sajaiendus” He has two sons who are yet at learning age and studying in a school.  

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