DroidCam Wireless Webcam, Best App for Programming Events

DroidCam Wireless Webcam, Best App for Programming Events


In Current information technology environment, we have got many facilities through using modern information gadgets. However, the launching of modern information technology features, the expenditure have also been increased compared to early life. Therefore, many people avoid using these digital gadgets, due to their financial constraints. However, some of the gadgets and software facilitate to minimize expenditures, but do not about these tools. We are discussing about android software like these tools.

Driod Cam.         This is android mobile software which facilitates us to use our android mobile as mic or camera. Some of the features and using procedure of this software are as under:-

DroidCam turns Android device into webcam. The software works with computer client that which connects computers with phones. This application can be used in Windows and Linux operating systems. Users may visit website www.dev47apps.com on computer to install and can get more information about its usage.

We can chat using DroidCam as Webcam on our computers, with our options either Sound or Picture or both options. This software is completely free and does not gives usage limits or watermarks to the user. The users have options either connect it over WiFi or USB. However, connecting over UBS requires additional features.

We can use DriodCam as other (non-camera) apps in background, or we can turnoff screens to save battery of our mobile. This is IP Web based software and connections are occurred between android mobiles and other phones, tablets or computers etc through IP address. Just install this software in both the gadgets in which we have to create connection and open both gadgets through IP address created on the IP address. We can also get connections in our computers via browser just after typing IP address in address bar of the browser.

We can use this software in support to other software’s for live streaming on YouTube and Facebook. Moreover, this software can be used for any recreational purposes like birthday parties or marriage ceremonies and can record these events on computers directly. We can also record our developmental projects through this DroidCam software.

 We should note that we have to connect both computer and android with one WiFi connection however, there is no need for internet access.

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