Poet Rashid Morai, Revolutionary and National Poet of Sindh


Poet Rashid-Morai-Revolutionary-National-Poet-of-Sindh

Revolutionary and national poet of Sindh Rashid Shah alias Rashid s/o Syed Saeed Ali Shah Morai was born on 5 Mar 1944 at Village Jhoonalo, Laliya, Moro city of District Naushahro Feroze. He was an excellent government primary teacher of Sindh. He had servedwith this profession for forty years. Besides, he was a famous national poet and bearing good personality. He had got his qualification till Master of Arts.

He was belonging to poetic family and his father was also a good classical poet. His brothers Syed Roshan Shah alias Roshan and Syed Masoom Ali Shah @ Nimarno were also good poets.

Rashid Morai had deep feelings of poor people of Sindh. He has written awareness poetry about Sindhi people. He had worry to save Sindhi language. He ran campaigns to declare Sindhi Language as official language of Sindh province. He had liked Sain GM Syed very much and had also run many campaigns with him. Rashid Morai has written many national lyrics which are still being sung during different events of Sindh.

He has written many book of poetry which include Sindhri jo sodai, Mandi Sanda Khait, Dil Jo Shahar, Khatan jo Kitab, Khat Khushboo maan Khol. He has also written many stories and published these in shape of books.

He has also written romantic poetry which has been sung by many famous singers of Sindh. These singers include Late Jalal Chandio, Shaman Ali Mirali, Anwar Hussain Vistro, Manzoor Sakhirani, and Sarmad Sindhi (Rehman Mughal). Late Jalal Chandio had sung his song “edi dair karay poe tha yar acho” became very popular amongst Sindhi community within Sindh and Sindhi people settled abroad. Sarmad Sindhi sung his song “Dil jy weeran rin mien kakar banwra” became very popular amongst the world.

Rashid Morai had received many rewards like Shah Abdul Latif Award, Marvi Academy Award and Sindhi Adabi Sangat Award.

He became ill on 11 Mar 2014 but he did not give up his revolutionary poetry and continued his poetry giving awareness to poor people of Sindh. He expired on 24 Mar 2014 while admitted in Rajputana Hospital Hyderabad due to prolonged sickness. He was laid to rest in a graveyard of Moro city. So far, many years have passed to the death of Rashid Morai. But Sindhi people have not yet forgotten him and use to listen his romantic and revolutionary poetry with keen interest. Sindh till today remember his sacrifices for Sindhi nation.  

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