Singer Mumtaz Lashari, A Revolutionary Singer



Singer Mumtaz Lashari son of Haji Soonharo Khan Lashari was born at Gaji Khuhawar, District Qambar Shahdad Kot during the year 1964. His native home was included in backward areas of District Qambar Shahdad Kot (Previous District Larkana). He has discovered in an interview that his area was so backward that they had not even drinking water. Since he used to carry water on tins from a well. His home was on about 1 to 2 miles away from that well. He also used to graze cattle during childhood. 

Mumtaz Lashari continued his study in primary school  besides belonging to backward and cowherd family . His father also admitted him in a Madrasa to get religious education. After completing standard education, he continued his qualification in Jeelani Madarsa at Larkana.

He was blessed with pretty voice since childhood since he used to say naats in Madarsas as well as sing folk songs during national events of his school. He discovered regarding his desire to start music that during his study days at Larkana, one day he went out of his residence. He saw a hotel in which a singer was singing in box placed on a table. He amazed and rounded in circle to that box. Owner of the hotel noticed him and asked him about circling about that box. Mumtaz Lashari said that he asked from hotel owner about that box and how signing people had been put in it. Hotel Owner explained Mumtaz Lashari about television and its broadcasting from Karachi. Mumtaz Lashari says that he surprised very much from that invention. Since he desired that he will also perform on that surprising item.

He says that one day Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan had come to his native village in connection with a program and stayed in his school. Mumtaz Lashari operated hand fan “hanging on ceiling” to blow air over Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan. Moreover, he served fruits available in village. Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan pleased very much from his activities and prayed him for becoming a great singer.

Mumtaz Lashari left his education incomplete and went to Hyderabad to learn music and got learning from many music teachers.

During 1982, he was singing in a musical concert where Late Ustad Bukhari was also present. Ustad Bukhari met with Mumtaz Lashari after program. He praised and prayed him for becoming a great artist. Mumtaz Lashari says that he has become great singer due to prayers of such senior citizens.

He has sung many revolutionary songs and gave awareness to people about their rights and teachings to turn their lives. He has sung many poets of Sindh. These poets include Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Sachal Sarmast, Ustad Bukhari, Dadan Faqeer, Ahmed Khan Madhosh and many poets who had said revolution and Sufism poetry.

He has sung many revolutionary songs giving learning to his fans. These include na rahandien toon na rahandus maan, Bhuliyo ahin bhotar he hariyani athai, Adda Manhoo na maar, Rishta Biya par amar jeejal etc.

He has complaint that Sindh Culture Department has not given attention on him. The department has never nominated for any provincial award. Moreover, he has never performed in any event held by Sindh Culture Department. He has received Tamgh-e-Imtiaz and President’s Pride of Performance. He claims that he received these both awards with the support of his friends.

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