Singer Shaman Ali Mirali, King of Sindhi Music


Shaman Ali Mirali is singer of Suhni Sindh, who is called a King of Sindhi Music. He just completed his education till seventh class and started singing.

He was born to Lal Baksh Mirali in a Village near Shikarpur on 1 Jan 1971. His father was also associated with singing and used to sing Sufi Songs and naats. He also got interested in interested following to his father. Since, he used in gatherings of friends since childhood. He initially started singing infront of public during a Urs of Budhal Faqeer at Shikarpur. Public appreciated his voice and singing very much afterwards, he started singing on darbar of Budhal Faqeer. He was also good player of Kabbadi during his village life days.

He met music teacher Ustad Ghulam Haider where Shaman Ali requested him for teachings of music. But he refused and instructed him to complete his education first.

Later he went to home of Ustad Ghulam Haider at Jacobabad city to acquire music training. He later lived with his teacher like family member and got music training upto 5 years earning of singing from Ustad Ghulam, who met him at Darbar. He started formally singing from 1984 singing Sufi Songs.

He released his first album at Jacobabad for which he was paid only Rs 250/- as reward.

He was inspired very much from Muhammad Yousaf, Waheed and Jalal Chandio since he had desire become a great artist and perform on Television and Radio like these singers.

His enthusiasm for singing took him to Hyderabad to get entry in Radio Pakistan. But he could not chance for long time. He had also desire to perform on Television and to accomplish his wish he went Karachi with the son of Lady Singer Begum Faqeeriani of Sukkur. Shaman Ali performed with him on Television as extra supporter.

Shaman Mirali performed during Urs of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, where Radio Producer Jahangir Qureshi listened his singing and impressed from him very much. Jahangir Qureshi invited him for performing on Radio Pakistan for the first time.

He has seen many difficulties and hurdles to reach the greatest stage of fame. He said in an interview that he had gone at a Durbar in a city near Hyderabad. Most of the great singers of Sindh had also reached here to perform at Durbar. He says that he was not being given chance to perform. However, administration of Durbar said him to sing only one song as there were many famous singers than him. He agreed and came on stage to perform only for one song. But singers sitting and other audience impressed from him so much that they said him for another song. He says that he sung 5 to 6 songs due to continuous desire of audience.

He also used to play Yaktaro and Chapri and he has released his initial albums playing Yaktaro and Chapri. But he turned his performance to Harmonium

He has released more than one thousand and his every album has touched peak of fame. Besides Sindhi language, he has also performed in Urdu, Balochi, Punjabi and Pashto languages. He performed in He has also performed in India, America, London Dubai and Saudi Arabia. He has sung poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Sachal Sarmast, Shamsher Ul Haideri, Rashid Morai, Ustad Bukhari, Mumtaz Molai, Mevo Faqeer and many other famous poets of Sindh. He has also sung duet songs with Humaira Channa, Master Manzoor and many other singers.

Shaman Mirali has also performed as actor in many tele films of Sindh and performed as actor as well as sung songs.

He has received Shahbaz Award and Sachal Award. However, he has not received Shah Abdul Bhitai Award. He is desirous that Sindh Culture Department may enlist for nominating him for Shah Latif Award.

Shaman Ali Mirali had contested as independent candidate during general elections 2013 from NA-199 (Sukkur) and PS-4 (Sukkur). He was given political symbol as “Guitar”. But he could not acquire remarkable votes during these elections. Later, he did not participating in general elections however, supported Pakistan Peoples Party and released albums in favour of PPP.

His one son is also affiliated with his profession and is a good singer.


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