Ustad Manzoor Sakhirani, Legend Singer of Sindh



Manzoor Sakhirani son of Bahar ud Din Sakhirani was born on 14 Apr 1959 at Dadu city. His father was serving in Revenue Department. He acquired his qualification from his native city Dadu. His father had desire for Manzoor Sakhirani that he may get higher education and become an engineer. But he had keen interest of singing since childhood.

He got classical music training from Ustad Qudrat Ullah. He released his first album during 1980 “Band Darwazo”. Producer Nisar Ahmed Memon introduced him on Radio Pakistan Karachi during 1976. Later, Producer Aijaz Aleem Aqeeli introduced him on Pakistan Television. He sung his first song on Television “Moonday nain na khun” which is written by Late Ustad Bukhari.

He has released over 300 albums in career life. He has performed in many language of Pakistan. These languages include Sindhi, Urdu, Balochi, Siraiki and Punjabi.  His famous songs are moonday nain na khan, Toon manji na manji mehrban, jiu jenh khy chayum jhink tenh khan milyam, Har kaam kar ba majbooriyoon,  

Ustad Manzoor Sakhirani alongiwth his six companions was kidnapped by dacoits near Khairpur during 2001. While he was going to Jaffarabad, Balochistan. Artists’ community, his fans and other communities organized protest in whole Sindh for his release. Resultantly, he got released on 31 October 2001 after detention of 110 days with kidnappers. Manzoor Sakhirani had said during an interview that he was kidnapped by dacoits group of thirteen persons who were in Sindh Police dress. Manzoor Sakhirani said these dacoits were well trained and educated persons who used to read English Newspapers. Resources say that kidnappers had demanded Rs 20 Millions for his release.


Notorious dacoit Sadiq alias Sandhu Najerjo had kidnapped him. Sandhu Narejo had born in Izzat ji Wandh Village in Kacha area of Larkana District. He started his illicit activities from stealing cattle and other home items. He went to jungles during 1980 and involved himself in many other criminal activities like robberies, kidnapping for ransom and murders. Sandhu Narejo was arrested during 2008 from Usta Muhammad Town of Balchistan province. He was detained in Central Jail Sukkur. He was attacked with paralysis during 2010 since, shifted to Government Hospital Sukkur. Anti-Terrorist Khairpur, awarded him punishment as hanging till death during 2015, due to his involvement in many serious offences. His relatives filed mercy petition in Sindh High Court due to his illness. He died during treatment in Government Hospital Sukkur during 2016.

Manzoor Sakhirani has sung many poets. These poets include Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Sachal Sarmast, Ustad Bukhari, Sheikh Ayaz, Imdad Hussaini, Ali Gul Sangi, Abdul Ghaffar Tabasum and Anwar Qambrani. He has also sung many songs for Sindhi films as well as he performed in a Sindhi Film as actor. Besides within country, he has also performed in Dubai, Sharjah, India, Saudi Arabia many other countries.

He is married to Kalsoom Channa and they have three sons Mumtaz Ali, Muhammad Jibran and Muhammad Mehran and two daughters Ujala and Mala.

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