Ali Hyderabadi was Beaten by An Actress

Ali Hyderabadi was Beaten by An Actress


Actress Shiza Butt slapped TikTok star Ali Khan Hyderabadi, According to the details given on BOL NEWS, TikTok star Ali Khan was doing improper developments before actress Shiza Butt, which drove the actress mad in this way tossed juice on Ali Khan's face.

That didn't quiet her annoyance, she later slapped Ali Hyderabadi on the face and started to beat him.

Notwithstanding, Ali Khan figured out how to save himself and told the actress that she was being pranked. He added that there was a camera covered up in the room.

Besides, the actress' annoyance didn't calm down and she got up and left.

Ali KhanHyderabadi is a famous TikToker and he makes videos with unique SLOMO walk and wears red glasses during performance on TikTok. He entered in TikTok filed during 2019 and since entering into the filed he has made upto 1k videos and reached over 1 Million followers, crossing all TikTokers of country. He belongs to poor family of Hyderabad and had worked in a shopping mall before TikTok field. He has reached this peak of popularity in challenge of one other TikToker and also crossed him.

AlicKhan Hyderabadi has received much scandal news since achieving popularity and being criticized on social media. His video had got leaked had regarding chatting with his fan that had black skin. The girl had called him and Ali Hyderabadi said her that she may clean her camera before talking with her. This video of Ali Khan Hyderabdi got leaked and had gone viral. Since, he was criticized very much due to his odd attitude with his follower. 

Ali Hyderabadi had later apologized through YouTube Channel of his friend.

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