Famous Actress Hiba Bukhari Biography

Famous Actress Hiba Bukhari Biography

Hiba Qadir alias Hiba Bukhari daughter of Abdul Qadir was born in Karachi to a Sindhi family on 10 April 1988. She Passed F.Sc from Jinnah Government College located in suburb of Nazimabad. Later, she completed B.Com from the St. Joseph College, Karachi. Hiba started her acting career after completing her studies.

She marked her debut with Geo TV's Rom-ComTeri Meri Jodi during the year 2015 in a supporting role and soon started appearing as lead. She followed her acting career with a leading role in Bholi Bano in which she played innocent girl opposite Syed Jibran as lead. Hiba Bukhari gained in Hum TV soap Serial “Thori Si Wafa” which abled her her an award for the Best Soap Actress in Hum Awards. She also performed in compilation series of “Yeh Ishq Hai” short episode "Teri Meri Kahani" against Agha Ali. Her latest drama on Geo TV i.e. Deewangi received fame very much during which she had performed as leading role. Brief Story of Deewangi drama is as under:-

Story of Deewangi Drama

The story rotates around Nageen (Hiba Bukhari), who hails from a lower middle class foundation, and Sultan Durrani (Danish Taimoor), a well off businessman who hails from a political foundation. Sultan lost his folks at an exceptionally youthful age and lived with his grandma Bi Jaan (Ismat Zaidi) from that point forward. Nageen lives with her sister Nuzhat (Faiza Gillani), brother by marriage Rashid (Noor-ul-Hassan) and Rashid's mom. Nageen just terrains modest positions since she doesn't have a degree, and is employed as a transport lady at a private transport organization.

 Sultan encounters Nageen when his vehicle unexpectedly quits dealing with the roadway and has no other decision except for movement in a transport. In that concise excursion, Sultan is attracted to Nageen when he sees her standing up to a harasser. A while later, he begins going by transport from time to time to meet Nageen however she disregards him and just treats him as a traveler. To look for her consideration, Sultan purchases all the transport tickets one day to travel alone with Nageen. He communicates his affections for her yet she dismisses him as a result of their class distinction. She gets more terrified after a man tosses corrosive on Faryal (Nageen's companion) for declining his proposition. Then again, Sultan's cousin, Narmeen (Zoya Nasir), who needs to wed Sultan, gets some answers concerning Nageen and makes an arrangement to trap her. Following a couple of days, Sultan powerfully attempts to put a ring on Nageen's fingers however she won't and slaps him. Narmeen's spy records a video and it becomes famous online on social media. The video makes Sultan resemble a harasser and thus, his uncle loses overall population decisions. Nageen connects with Sultan for his absolution and he acknowledges her statement of regret. Sultan again proposes to Nageen and she acknowledges it this time. Nageen's family is content with the marriage, yet most individuals from Sultan's family contradict it as they need him to wed Narmeen. On the big day, Nageen is grabbed and each one speculates her of fleeing with another person. Sultan cancels the wedding and Nageen's character is addressed in the general public.

Nageen is given up following two days. Her family accepts that she has either been assaulted or fled on her own desire. Nageen attempts to guarantee them that nothing awful occurred with her nor she fled. She has no clarification to give concerning the two-day capturing. Following a couple of days, Nageen goes to Sultan to cause him to accept of her guiltlessness, however Sultan uncovers that he was the person who hijacked her and that the marriage was only an arrangement to look for retribution from Nageen for the slap and the public mortification. Nageen is grief stricken. She takes steps to uncover Sultan before the media however Sultan coerces Nageen with photoshopped private pictures. He likewise pays Rashid (brother by marriage) 50 Lac Rupees to keep their mouth shut.

Sultan weds Narmeen on Bi Jaan's demand. Rashid strongly orchestrates Nageen's marriage with Anwar yet Nageen plans to rampant with the assistance of her sister. At some point, Anwar goes to Nageen's home when she is separated from everyone else and attempts to assault her so Nageen, out of self-protection, gets the primary hard thing she sees, hits him on the head, and escapes. Nageen goes to Lahore to her Aunt's home. In transit, Nageen meets Haroon (Ali Abbas) who attempts to turn into her companion yet she turns him down. Haroon helps Nageen a great deal in Lahore. Nageen lands a task as a Receptionist in a TV Channel organization. She discovers that Haroon likewise fills in as a columnist in a similar organization. They become companions and Haroon begins enjoying Nageen. Sultan drives a miserable married existence with Narmeen and missed Nageen continually yet attempts to deny his sentiments. In Lahore, Haroon proposes Nageen however she is hesitant as Haroon's mom doesn't affirm of the match. In any case, Nageen and Haroon figure out how to get married in any case. Then again, Sultan starts his quest for Nageen. At some point, Sultan gets some answers concerning Narmeen's schemes and angrily, he tosses Narmeen out of the house. Notwithstanding, Narmeen reaches a stopping point and kicks the bucket subsequent to bringing forth their little girl. Sultan and Bijaan conceal it from everybody except Bijaan resents Sultan and doesn't we should him meet his little girl. At last Narmeen's dad becomes more acquainted with about it. Narmeen's dad attempts to shoot Sultan, however unintentionally shoots Bi Jaan and she kicks the bucket. Narmeen's folks cut all binds with Sultan doesn't permit him to meet his girl Rameen. In this manner Sultan loses all his loved ones and incidentally moves to UK.

Four years cruise by. Nageen drives a cheerful married existence with Haroon in spite of the fact that they have monetary issues, they likewise experience difficulty while having a child and Haroon's mom continually insults Nageen. Sultan gets back to Pakistan and attempts to meet his little girl, yet Narmeen's mom doesn't permit him. Sultan actually loves Nageen. At some point, Sultan sees Nageen and again gets fixated on her. Sultan began following Nageen and to draw nearer to her, delegates Haroon in his organization. Sultan gave an outfitted house to Haroon's family in Karachi with the goal that they can move to Karachi and he can draw near to Nageen all the more regularly. Sultan fortify his binds with Haroon's family however Nageen continues attempting to dodge him. In the wake of understanding that every one of his endeavors are futile.

Sultan employed Haroon's ex girlfriend, Ramsha in his organization and contrives with her to make obstacles in Nageen's day to day existence. Ramsha drew near to Haroon and began controlling him against Nageen. Ramsha was additionally dubious about the fixation of Sultan with Nageen, subsequent to delving in Nageen's past she becomes more acquainted with the issue of Sultan and Nageen. Then again, Nageen attempted to save his marriage by revealing to Haroon truth about her past with Sultan. Haroon in angry outburst stand up to Sultan and attempt to hit him yet his workers assaulted Haroon and made his wounds resemble a mishap. 

Ramsha understands that Sultan is hazardous and egotistical individual so she banded together with Nageen to rebuff Sultan lawfully. In any case, Ramsha wound up ending it all. Nageen guaranteed that Ramsha is killed by Sultan however cops said she kicked the bucket by shooting herself.

To uncover Sultan, Nageen consented to wed him and request Sultan to give cash to treatment from Haroon. Nonetheless, during nikah Nageen disregard to wed Sultan and causes a situation before media, incensing Sultan. He took Nageen to his home where during a contention Nageen shot him. Haroon assumed the fault of shooting Sultan and was secured by cops. Sultan was taken to emergency clinic, where he requested that cops release Haroon and that he has shot himself. Haroon's mom acknowledges Nageen as her daughter in-law. Nageen and Haroon wound up together while Sultan biting the dust in the clinic.


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