Pawri Girl Still Receiving Fame Within World including India

Pawri Girl Still Receiving Fame Within World

A young of Pakistan girl who became star over night

A young girl is holding a camera in her hand which first shows a car parked behind her, then shows some of her friends and at the same time says: 'This is our car, this is us and this is our party.

The girl, who made this simple four-second video made with her friends, went so viral as soon as she saw it that not only did everyone else make her memes on the internet, but they also went across the border to India where a singer created a humorous 'mesh up' song using video.


The girl who became a 'meme' overnight is 19 years old Dananeerr Mobin. Dananeerr's family affectionately calls her “Jeena”.

Dananeerr hails from Peshawar and calls herself a 'content creator' who talks about everything from make-up, fashion and lifestyle to mental health issues, apart from sharing life on her blogs. ۔

In addition to spending time with her family, Dananeerr loves painting and singing from time to time, and loves dogs.

The video, which was posted on his Instagram, has been viewed by more than 2 million people so far and since it went viral, the number of his followers on Instagram has increased to 337,000.

During an interview to BBC, Dananeerr said it was not a pre-arranged plan. Dananeerr says that she had gone to visit Nathia street with her friends and when she stopped for dinner, she suddenly took out her mobile phone and made a video and uploaded it.

She said that it's not her style to talk like this in burger style, and don't talk like that and she just used this humorous style to make video. She said that she know how to say 'party'. She did it just to make to laugh her Instagram followers. The important Dananeerr also says that everyone in her house and friends knows that she talks a little funny.

She said during interview that "I keep making weird comments and making silly jokes, and I have the 'same vibe' (the same style) with people I'm comfortable with. I'm just like a joker with them."

Dananeerr said more “"Now I know that people like this side of my style more, so in the future I will try to show this side more on my Instagram and YouTube."

She said that she had no idea it would go so viral. She said that she had just wanted to make everyone laugh and she thinks she has succeeded.

"I'm getting so much love that I can't digest it but now I have a big family for which I am very grateful to all my followers."

Talking about the family's reaction, Dananeerr Mobin said that she is very lucky in this matter and even before this viral video, the family supports her a lot regarding this blog.

"Especially my mom, since the big stars of Showbiz have recreated my video, they can't believe it and they can't sleep happily."

She says that not only people from all over the world but also from all over Pakistan (homes, offices, colleges and even school children) are reciting and sending memes and videos and I don't think anyone video is my favorite.

And especially when it comes to Pakistanis, "Pakistanis create very high quality memes and they are all so universal and touching that I can't choose one of them."

Indian’s Reaction on “Pawri ho rahi hai”

Not only Pakistanis but also Indians are involved in making memes on Dananir. Even an Indian singer, Yash Raj Mekhate has created a mashup using his viral video.

"What could be better than sharing love across the border at a time when there is so much trouble and so much division around the world?

"I'm glad my neighbors and I are partying together now because of my video."

Yash wrote in the caption of his mesh-up, "From today, I will not only party, because partying is not as fun as partying."

Indian Police has also used Pawri girl’s meme and showed their message on Twitter urging people to report any type of noise pollution including late parties scene. Here’s the twitter message of Twitter Police

Indian Star Shahid Kapoor has also created meme on Pawri ho rahi hai which has been liked by millions of his followers.

Indian Star Deepika Padukone also prepared a video with trend 'Pawri Ho Rahi Hai', shared it with here fans

Indian Soldier have also created their video the "Pawri ho rahi hai meme" In which they are saying these are us, that is our gun and we are doing patrolling here. Here's the Indian Soldiers' Video on Twitter

Pakistan Super Mahira Khan has also recreated 'pawri ho rahi hai' which also gone viral on social media.

Social Media Response:

The hash tag #pawrihoraihai is trending on social media in Pakistan, India and around the world, from ordinary people to celebrities and even many teenage boys and girls are making and sharing their videos in this hash.

Someone says, "This is our car, this is us and we are getting humiliated." Then a woman shows a video of her daughter and says, "This is me, this is my daughter, and here our sleep is being forbidden."

Where a child made a video, these are our books, this is us and this is going crazy, while a girl uploaded some such video, 'This is our loneliness, this is us and we are bored.

However, some people also seem to be asking, what is this pawri?

Besides many stars have created memes on this trending video and being circulated within Asia as well as world.


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♬ original sound - Ghulam Asghar

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