Singer Tufail Khan Sanjrani, Young Sufi Singer

Singer Tufail Khan Sanjrani, Young Sufi Singer

Tufail Khan Sanjrani son of Ghuous Bakhsh Sanjrani alias Haq Baba born on 1 March 1968. He is resident of Shikarpur. His grandfather had Vehicle Repair garage at Shikarpur, where father of Tufail Sanjrani had also worked.  But Ghous Bakhsh Sanjrani was also enthusiastic of music and became student of legend Ustad Late Muhammad Juman. Ghous Bakhsh Sanjrani had also long hairs like his son Tufail Sanjrani.

Tufail Khan Sanjrani had also keen interest for singing and used to sing in school events since sixth class. After completing matriculation, he started working at his own garage for almost upto 15 years. During his working days at garage he also used to singing during gatherings of his colleagues. He became famous due to his performance during different musical concert in Shikarpur city.

He permanently headed his ancestral garage after death of his grandfather. But he could not continue it and went to Karachi after selling it for seeking job.

His brother was employed in police who offered Tufail Sanjrani for getting job in police. Therefore, due to seeking job in police, he trimmed his hairs for the first time in his life. He got employed in police but he had not too interest in his job. He used to sing in different events of his friends and commercial concerts in Karachi. However, he left that job after two years.

After leaving police job he became unwaged since he had no livelihood to survive his life. Since he used to spend his nights at streets of Karachi. Subsequently, he worked at scrap shops through his familiar colleague. Later he used to fill ice blocks in fish containers and perform in lower level music program during nights.

Famous Producer of PTV Karachi introduced him on PTV. He gave him chance for audition for the first time in famous Sindhi PTV Show Sindh Seengar under the production of Haroon Rind.

He has almost sung Sufi Songs and got appreciation on his utmost performance. He has sung poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Sachal Sarmast, Abdul Ghaffar Tabasum, Sheikh Ayaz, Ustad Bukhari and many other poets.

He has mostly sung Sufi songs and usually wears Sufi dress during concerts as well as during routine life. He has also sung duet songs with many singers of Pakistan like Atif Aslam, Abrar Ul Haq, Sanam Marvi and received fame on his excellent performance. He has many sung many songs and got his fame at national and international as well. He has performed in Saudi Arabia, India, America, Canada and many other countries of world. Tufail Sangrani has sung in Sindhi, Balochi, Siraiki, Urdu and other languages. His famous songs are Sonha lagda aey Ali Wala, Roin muhenjay naseeban mien aa, Bhit ja Bhitai, Sham e Qalandar, Tere Ishq mien and many other Sufi as well as romantic songs.

He has received Bhitai Award, Qalandar Lal Shahbaz Award, Sachal Award as well as received many awards in international concerts.

He had married to a girl of Fishermen of Karachi secretly. He first informed about his marriage to his elder brother, who later announced and convinced his family to accept their marriage. He has two sons Waqar Ali and Ihtisham Ali who are at studying age.


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