Twitter Launches Facility to Send Audio Clips as Messages

Twitter Launches Facility to Send Audio Clips and Messages

Twitter had announced in August last year that it would send text as well as audio clips in the form of Direct Messages (DM). The feature is being now being tested in Brazil, India and Japan.

This way voice recording can be used directly in tweets and can be forwarded with or without text. Although the trial began in June last year, the series was halted.

Yet, presently sending a voice cut as direct messages is a totally extraordinary matter. At the one touch moment, users will be able to hear the messages of their followers in their speeches as well as people having eyesight issues will also now be able to listen these audio messages.

However, Twitter has taken a number of steps in the past year to improve its platform. Audio DM can now be added to them. Then recently an audio app like twitter 'Club House' has also become extraordinarily popular and perhaps twitters has been inspired by this and has introduced its new option. Then sending a voice message is also very easy and practical.

On the other hand, various brands and companies will be able to make their announcements on Twitter, including information for the general public to guide the public.

However, it is known that the audio clip will be a maximum of 140 seconds. According to analysts, this feature will soon be offered for Android and other regions.


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