Which Mobile Company is introducing 100+ MP Selfie Camera

The reasonableness of such an answer is problematic, best case scenario. Current selfie cameras top at around 40-48MP which is all that could possibly be needed for practically any situation. With producers battling to offer a genuine edge-to-edge show experience it'd be a stage back to attempt to fit a considerably bigger sensor on the front.

Nonetheless, Samsung has contracted the size of its 108MP sensors by settling on a marginally more modest pixel size - 0.7μm versus 0.8μm in the past age. By doing this, the Korean company had the option to lessen the general size of the sensors by 15%, and furthermore make the new camera modules 10% more limited. Would these 108MP sensors be a solid match for a selfie camera? Presumably not.

We've seen extraordinary selfie cameras with pixel consider little as 8-16MP (Pixel, iPhone), so expanding the pixel check while contracting the size of the actual pixels is somewhat purposeless. You'll wind up with truly awful low-light execution selfie cameras, what's more - who might print a banner out of a selfie shot?

Yeah, there's smart tech that consolidates different pixels into one out of a cycle called pixel binning, however it's truly similar to going around and around - shrivel the pixels and increment the tally, at that point join them into bigger "virtual" pixels. These 100+ MP selfie cameras sound gigantic on paper and perhaps that is the reason - a basic PR stunt. Obviously, they may end up being magnificent, who can say for sure. What do you think?


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