Why Kubra Khan Unfollowed Imran Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi

Why Kubra Khan Unfollowed Imran Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi

Kubra Khan he has revealed for the first time the reasons of unfollowing Prime Minister Imran Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi on Twitter.

Kubra Khan participated in ARY's "Ghabrana Mana hai" program. During which, She spoke about her engagements, acting and normal life and her social media activities.

Kubra Khan was intimated during the show about her 1.8 million followers on Instagram. The actress responded the host Wasay Chaudhary that she may not have seen other people's followers.

Continuing her talk, Kubra Khan said that although her followers are not many but her followers are sincere. Moreover, She has not bought the followers nor has she increased them by having a relationship with anyone.

In this regard, Kubra Khan said that some people not only buy the followers on social media, but some people also establish contacts to increase followers.

The actress gave the example that American star Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have increased their followers by building their contacts. Even though such people have real relationships, they get people's attention by showing them in a more bold way on social media.

Kubra Khan intimated that initially she was facing difficulty in speaking Urdu due to the reason that she was born in England and studying in London. She said that still her Urdu is not completely good.

Kubra Khan said that kinship has been seen since the beginning of the world and establishment of industries. Since, it is useless to discuss about it.

According to her, there are many actors in the showbiz industry who do not belong to the showbiz family and many showbiz family actors are moving forward because of their talents.

In response to a question, Kubra Khan said that she is not very active on Twitter. She has followed only four people there, namely Iqrar ul Hassan, Wasay Chaudhary, Fahad Mustafa and Gohar Rashid.

Kubra Khan revealed that she had initially followed few more people on Twitter and her number of being followed was limited to 6. But later she un-followed two more people namely Prime Minister Imran Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Kubra Khan said that Imran Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi became very political minded and there was only political discussions on their accounts, therefore, she un-followed these both.

Kubra Khan added that Hamza Ali Abbasi was also mostly following Imran Khan since, his tweets were mostly political.

She told about reason of following Iqrar Ul Hassan she believes him her brother. So she followed him and that he gives information about the happenings in such a street or city.

Kubra Khan has acted in films like "Na maloom afrad", "Welcome to Karachi, Jawani phir nahi Aani 2 and Parwaz hai Junoon.


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