What did say Minal Khan about Shahroze Sabzwari


What did say Minal Khan about Shahroze Sabzwari

Actress Manal Khan complained Saboor Ali in a Prank call she was harassed by Shahroze Sabzwari .

Actress Manal Khan attended a program during which she was asked in a program’s segment "Call a Friend" by the host to call a close friend and ask some questions.

Actress Manal Khan called her friend Saboor Ali and said, "I am very upset. Shahroze Sabzwari has been harassing me for the last 8 hours and has been sending messages as well as calling me to meet him." Minal Khan said her friend “Saboor’s continuous calls are embarrassing for me, you opine me if I tell her wife Sadaf or otherwise”.

Hearing Manal Khan's question, Saboor Ali also gets upset and says, "Has Shahroze ever done this before and now why does he want to meet me?" Minal Khan on which countered that she had no idea. Minhal Khan further asked Saboor whether she meet him.

Saboor Ali said to Minal Khan that you can't meet him because Minal’s boyfriend will find out and it will be a problem forher. Host of the program understood the situation and started laughing immediately, which alerted Saboor Ali and she assumed prank call had been made with her.

Later, when Minal Khan made it clear that she was joking, Saboor Ali said, "I didn't understand what will happen to Shahroze Sabzwari and he would  be angered." Saboor Ali said Minal Khan that she will see her after meeting between them.

Actress Minal Khan also apologized to Shahroze Sabzwari and his wife Sadaf Kanwal after the prank call and said that it was part of the program and I had to do it.

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