Filmmakers Offer Pakistani Aishwarya Rai for Acting


Filmmakers Offer Pakistani Aishwarya Rai for Acting

The Bollywood diva Aishwarya Rai has numerous doppelgangers hailing from different nationality all around the world however a Pakistani delight blogger has taken the universe of social media by storm with her uncanny similarity with the Indian actress.

Sharing a stunning likeness, the social influencer has been commanding notice after her entertainments of Aishwarya's hit film scenes circulated around the web on the Internet.

As per media reports, Aamna has a set of experiences with India. "My father belongs to Pakistan, while his folks are Indian. while his folks belong to India. My mom and her folks are from Afghanistan. I communicate in English and Urdu (fluent), fundamental Persian, and appreciate Punjabi," she told Indian media.

Aamna additionally uncovered that Pakistani filmmakers have likewise moved toward her and she said few offers from Pakistani Showbiz Industry have come for the present.

Further, she added that she is idealistic about her future and is content with the distinction and monstrous love from individuals. "It has been an admiration and pleasure feeling the courteousness, respect and backing from excellent spirits worldwide. Genuinely lowering," she said.

The web is in parts whether the striking likeness is a simple happenstance or Aamna went under the blade to resemble the 47 years old heroine.

By and by, the striking closeness between the two women can't be overlooked as Aamna has acquired ubiquity among the majority in a limited ability to focus time.

Back in 2005, B-town entertainer Sneha Ullal acquired huge prevalence because of her likeness to Aishwarya Rai. She made her presentation in the movie Lucky with Salman Khan.

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