Kandiaro, The Historical City in Naushahro Feroze District

Kandiaro, The Historical City in Naushahro Feroze District


Kandiaro city built by Mughal Emperor Jahangir Khan is Tulka of District Naushahro Feroze. The city is located on National Highway (N-5) which crosses from the center of the city. While analyzing the history of this city it is revealed that this city has been destroyed and rehabilitated many times. Kandiaro city is settled on ancient mounds of muds. 

This city has lost its significance due to negligence of rulers from time to time. There are many old buildings  hospitals, school buildings, veterinary hospitals and post office. These building were constructed during the British era.  Moreover, glorious buildings of Hindu Businessmen were also held in the city. But, they been destroyed from time to time. Out of old buildings, Mukhtiarkar Office, Lockup and police Malkhana are still present in the city. Mukhtiarkar Office built during 1893 is said to be oldest building of city.  Current Population of the city is approx. 2 lacs.

There is a shrine Allah Abad where urs of Suhna Sain is being held every years and followers in thousand come here in Kandiaro.

There are 16 Unions councils in Talkua Kandiaro, whereas the population of taluka is 322439 according census of 2017.

There is a regulator over Rohri Canal near to Kandiaro City which is being used as mini barrage. Rohri canal is further distributed in six branches from this regulator. These canals include Chandan branch, Seerh wah Branch, Budak Branch, Rohri Branch, Sada Wah Branch and Kandiaro Minor Branch.

There is mosque of Kalhora era exist in Daali Town on Kandiaro Road which is said to be three hundred old mosque. Walls of this mosque are 8 feet wide and this mosque has been repaired after every one hundred year. This mosque was first time repaired during 1274, later it was repaired in 1372, later in 1416 and last repair was done during 1979. The tombs of mosque of have been fully damaged and prayers are vulnerable to any big incident.

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