Legend Playwright Haseena Moin Passed Away on 26 Mar 2021


Legend Playwright Haseena Moin Passed Away on 26 Mar 2021

The writer Haseena Moin, known as the 'Sovereign' of Pakistani dramas, died at 79 years old.

Because of mature age, Haseena Moin was dealing with different health issues, however the reason for her passing couldn't be determined right away.

Haseena Moin, the maker of the bold girl characters in Pakistani dramas, had been experiencing breast cancer previously however she had beaten the disease.

As per radio Pakistan, Haseena Moin expired at early morning on 26 Mar 2021.

Haseena Moin stayed dynamic till the most recent days of her life and she was seen occupied in exercises till half a month prior. She was likewise seen in different occasions at Karachi Arts Council.

Haseena Moin was not married and used to live with her siblings.

She brought into the world in November 1941 in Kanpur, India before Pakistan. Haseena Moin came to Pakistan from India after the Independence of Pakistan and at first she relocated to Rawalpindi yet later moved to Karachi with her family.

Haseena Moin began composing a segment for the monthly kids' magazine 'Bhai Jan' at an early age. At the point when she was 20, she started composing parody and satire for the mainstream weekly radio program, Studio No 9.


The notable writer made her introduction with the satire drama 'Eid Mubarak', in which Nelofar Aleem and Shakeel acted. Composed by name, and in which Nelofar Aleem additionally assumed a focal part.

Haseena Moin was viewed as the maker of dramas in liberal, common, autonomous, striking and female magnificence, yet somewhat recently of her life she quit composing.

The writer had said in a meeting given to entertainer Samina Pirzada in 2019 that she is disheartened and harmed by observing new Pakistani dramas.

She mourned that the free, liberal, common, striking and wonderful young lady she had underlying dramas for a very long time was killed by new writers in only four years.

Haseena Moin had said in the said meet that now every Pakistani drama shows young ladies and ladies being beaten, crying and being tormented, which is exceptionally off-base and miserable.

In a similar meeting, she said that she had been diagnosed with malignant growth sometime prior and specialists had taught her to meet less individuals, including precluding her to compose. Because of which he has not composing however he additionally indicated to re-compose.

In a similar meeting, Haseena Moin had spoken transparently about her sickness and said that when she went through a clinical trial in line with her sibling, she was diagnosed with disease and one of her bosoms was additionally influenced.

Haseena Moin had said that when she was diagnosed with malignant growth, she didn't feel any regret however tried to avoid panicking.

The essayist and dramatist said that she had beaten disease due to her family and the best specialists and in light of her sickness she had quit composing and now that everything has transformed, she doesn't compose.

Simultaneously, he uncovered that a portion of her dear companions were requesting that she think of her diaries, however he has not composed anything yet and on the off chance that he composed the journals, he would incorporate some fiction and lies alongside reality. Since nobody cannot tell each reality of life.

Heartfelt writer Haseena Moin was not married and she talked straightforwardly about the issue in a meeting with Samina Pirzada and said that she has been free all along and during her MA at Karachi University. Her mom made an honest effort to get her married, yet he denied.

The sovereign of dramas said that it was not that they didn't discover love, however she felt that they were not made for marriage and marriage was not critical to them.

Haseena Moin had said that she once revealed to her mom that Allah Almighty makes everybody as a couple and that their pair has been lost some place. So they can't get married at the present time.

Nahoon said that her sister and siblings took great consideration of her and didn't allow her to have any second thoughts about her life. Allah Almighty gave them all that they needed.

Haseena Moin had said that now individuals inquire as to whether she has any second thoughts about getting married till today. To which she disclosed to her she has no second thoughts about not getting married.

Haseena Moin acquired a ton of acclaim not simply because of the dramas she composed yet additionally in light of she composed not many films. She additionally composed exchanges for Bollywood films.

She composed discoursed for the mainstream Bollywood film 'Hina' in 1991 while he additionally composed a couple of Pakistani films, including stage dramas for magazines and periodicals.

Her mainstream TV serials incorporate 'Zir Zabar Pesh', 'In Kahi', 'Dhoop Kanare', 'Aahat', 'Uncle Arfi', 'Parchaiyan', 'Tanhaiyan', 'Shahzori', 'Dhand' There are two extensions, Des Pardes and others.

She likewise composed plays and serials for makers on the issues of Wagah Border, which additionally won recognition from the crowd. She was additionally awarded a few awards for making splendid plays and characters.

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