Pakistani Showbiz Personalities Sides Businesses


Pakistani Showbiz Personalities Sides Businesses

The world of showbiz also changes color like the seasons. Someone becomes a star overnight and the goddess of wealth and fame becomes kind to him, so someone spends his whole life watering art, but he gets nothing else verbal appreciations (Wah Wah). We have seen that the whole atmosphere changes when artists who reach the heights of fame move from the imaginary world to the real world. People's attitudes change with them.

We saw what happened to the chocolate hero Waheed Murad in the last few days, just as the day came for the treatment of the emperor Ghazal Mehdi Hassan, the government was appealed for help. Artists do nothing for their future in their good days, they live in the illusion that the rain of wealth will always fall on them like this !! But a new generation of artists has learned from the lives of past artists and in their good old days has started showbiz as well as personal business.

Renowned director and actor Yasir Nawaz, who made several super hit dramas and films, along with his wife Nida Yasir, started a restaurant in Clifton when his super hit film "Wrong Number 2" was released. There was uproar at the box office. On the other hand, his wife Nida Yasir also earns millions of rupees a month from the morning show. Despite this, the both opened a restaurant in the open air of Clifton and now it is doing well.

The big artists hold their events in this restaurant of Yasir Nawaz. Seeing the festival of artists, even the common people get rushed. Taking advantage of the presence of artists, ordinary people and families take and take great selfies with Yasir Nawaz and Nida Yasir. On the other hand, the beautiful artist Fatima Affandi and her husband actor Kanwar Arsalan, who gained fame from Geo's successful drama "Kaash mien teri beti hoti", have also partnered in the same restaurant. Other artists are working with him to make this restaurant a success.

Naheed Shabbir, a popular actor of many super hit dramas, had also opened a tea house in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Where great tea and a variety of parathas were available, but Naheed Shabbir could not give much time to his restaurant due to his busy schedule in dramas, so he had to close the restaurant after a while.

Who doesn't know actress Shagufta Ijaz, who has made a splash in dramas in the past. In the drama serial "Aanch", he had a memorable performance in the role of Ulfat. She still appears in many dramas today. She initially opened a large-scale parlor in the Khayaban-e-Badar area of ​​Defence, later relocated the parlor to Gulistan-e-Jauhar. His parlor is doing very well these days.

Actress Mishi Khan, who gained fame from the drama serial "Arousa", once opened a beauty salon in the Defense area of ​​Karachi, which she later closed.

M Warsi, a well-known artist who gained popularity from the role of Lali in the drama serial Jangloos, also works in car alignment as well as acting and his income from this work is greater showbiz.

Famous film actor Javed Sheikh and Bahroze Sabzwari are brothers-in-law. Both have been in the business of buying and selling cars in the past. There are reports that they still do this business.

Singer Ali Haider, who gained international fame with his superhit songs like "Purani Jeans and Guitar", had also opened a boutique on Tariq Road under the name "Qarar", which did not last long. He had to close his business, nowadays he lives in the United States and performs in concerts there.

Film and drama superstar Humayun Saeed had introduced a brand of "Karta", which is still running successfully. Humayun Saeed's kurtas are very popular among the youth.

Singer Junaid Jamshed, who gained house-to-house popularity with his timeless national anthem "Dil Dil Pakistan", turned to business when he parted ways with showbiz, especially singing. Even after his death, Junaid Jamshed's kurtas and perfumes etc are still sold today. His sons now run the business.

Ejaz Aslam, an evergreen drama actor, also focused on business along with show business. He first ran a boutique and has also introduced a beauty cream these days.

Singer and actress Komal Rizvi, who gained popularity as a teenager from the drama serial "Hawaiian", has also started her own business along with singing. She keeps introducing international brands day by day. She had also invited Cricketer Shoaib Malik in introductory ceremony of her beauty cream.

Speaking of comedians, Ayaz Khan's name does not need a long introduction. In his heydays, he started a fountain business in Gulshan-e-Iqbal and he has spent 30 years in this business. He says that Pakistani artists should do their own business as well as showbiz so that they do not face any problem in their old age. He also focuses on business along with dramas and films and lives a happy life. It is pertinent to mention that Ayaz Khan will be seen in interesting roles of new film of renowned director Nabil Qureshi and producer Fiza Ali Mirza i.e. Quaid-e-Azam Zinda Bad.

Majid Jahangir, an artist who gained international fame with "Fifty Fifty", faced severe financial difficulties, so he opened a dal rice shop in Karachi. However, hecould not run it for a long time. These days he is very ill. May my Lord heal him soon.

Who doesn't know Nadia Hussain, an artist who has lived in the world of modeling for a long time, she is living a happy life with modeling by running her own clinic and two or three beauty parlors.

Dr. Shaista Lodhi, one of the leading anchors in the world of morning shows, is also running her own clinic these days, whose pictures have gone viral on social media, because the obsession with morning shows is no longer what it was a few years ago. That's why the stars of Morning Shows started acting. Since, Nadia Hussain and Shaista Lodhi also tried in acting field.

Like Karachi, many artists from Lahore focused on their personal businesses. Famous singer Waris Baig has a huge food chain. Some artists come forward and do business and some have made secret investments.

If artists who shine in the sky of fame do any business in the side, it is a good tradition, which should be appreciated.

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