Pakistan's Young and Successful Female Singers

Pakistan's Young and Successful Female Singers


Pakistani singers have been able to awaken the magic of sarcastic and beautiful voice all over the world with their charming style. There are a large number of fans of these singers at home and abroad. While speaking women singers, we are proud of the singers who have been representing Pakistan on the world stage since a young age.

There is a long list of successful female singers, from Noor Jahan's iconic melodies to songs with Qaratul Ain Baloch's international artist Jason DeRolo. Today we will mention the young Pakistani female singers who are leading the Pakistani music industry to greater success in the current era due to their enchanting voice and inspiring personality.

Zeb Bangash

Whenever Zeb Bangash's voice is heard, it is felt that it is a beautiful and low voice for romantic songs. Zeb Bangash is considered as one of the singers of Pakistan who is not only nationally but also internationally. Zeb Bangash has also done playback singing for the Bollywood film "Madras Cafe" song "Jaise Mile Ajnabi".

Zeb is a singer who has gained national and international fame since the beginning of his career in 2008. Zeb hails from Islamabad and chose the United States to pursue higher education. She holds degrees in Economics and Islamic History from Mount Holyoke College, USA. Zeb Nisa Bangash is not only a singer but also a songwriter.

Best Songs: Zeb's best songs include Pemona, Dil Pagla, Aaja Re Moray Saiyan, Diyar Dil, Kya Khayal Hai.

Zoe Vikaji

Zoi Vikaji belonging to Christian community is a singer who turned traditional music to contemporary music, combining Eastern and Western music in a new and unique way. Has been involved in singing and guitar since the age of 15 years.

The modern Pakistani singer hails from Kharian Tehsil in Gujrat, but Zoe Vikaji is a permanent resident of Karachi and was trained in Karachi. She was sent to the United States for higher education, where she graduated from Hamilton College. Graduated in Sociology and Fine Arts. At the age of 17, Zoe joined a local band regularly. Since then, she has been a part of Pakistan's biggest music program. Zoe's debut album was released in 2014.

Best Songs: Zoe's best songs include Ishq Kanara, Dunya Jobaso, Phir Mili Tanhai and Jind Jan.

Natasha Baig

Natasha Baig is considered one of the great singers of Pakistan. She is a singer whose music shows the colors of Sufi and rock music. She got the honor of singing Sufi Kalam only last year after which she is also known as Mini Abida Parveen. Natasha's family is from Hunza Valley but Natasha was born in Karachi and since then her family Based in Karachi.

Natasha also got her entire (film production degree) education from Karachi. She started singing in 2013, while last year she sang Allama Iqbal's Kalam, Shikwa Jawab Shikwa in a very unique way. Abu Muhammad Qawal and Farid Ayaz were also seen singing Shikwa Jawab Shikwa. This song took Natasha to new heights of fame.

Best Songs: Natasha Baig's best songs include Baliye Baliye, Ya Mola, Ho Mian and qaesaria.

Momina Mustahasan

Momina Mustahsan, a young and beautiful singer from Pakistan, is considered to be one of those singers who is not only the queen of beautiful voice but also intelligent, beautiful and a master of all arts, which is why success soon became her destiny. Natasha was born in Lahore. She holds bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering and applied mathematics from Stony Brook University.

Momina formally started her career in 2011 on the completion of twenty years of a famous music band. In 2014, Momina sang the famous and popular song "Aafreen Aafreen" with Ustad Fateh Ali Khan. Momina's vocal voice, rumors of her beauty are common not only in Pakistan but also in India. Indian social media fans sometimes call her the queen of beautiful voice and sometimes compare her example with Canadian actress Nina Dobrev.

Best Songs: Momina's best songs include popular songs like Tera Woh Pyaar, Pe Jaaun, Mein Rasta, Ji Lia.

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