PTA Bans TikTok App across Pakistan on Court Orders

PTA Bans TikTok App across Pakistan on Court Orders

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has issued instructions to block the short video sharing application 'TikTok' in compliance with the court order.

In a tweet on the social networking site, PTA said, "In light of the Peshawar High Court's order, the authority has issued instructions to service providers to block the TikTok app immediately."

Reaction of TikTok App Representatives

On the other hand, TikTok said in its response to the service shutdown in Pakistan that "the app carefully monitors content that violates the terms and conditions and community guidelines and uses various technologies and modifications to review the content and moderation strategies are being used.

"On violation of the Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines, the account is being blocked and videos are also being removed immediately," the spokesman said in a statement.

He said that according to TikTok’s H2 2020 Transparency Report', inappropriate content is being actively removed in Pakistan, reflecting TikTok's commitment to transparency and compliance with Pakistani laws.

He said that the capacity of moderation in Pakistan has increased by 250% since September, while the app service is in constant touch with PTA to improve the service.

TikTok App Banning Order

It should be noted that the Peshawar High Court had ordered the closure of 'Tik Tak' across the country from  11 March 2021.

Chief Justice Peshawar High Court Qaiser Rashid Khan while hearing the petition filed against TikTok remarked that the videos uploaded on TikTok are not acceptable to our society.

He said that obscenity was spreading in the society through TikTok videos so it should be stopped immediately.

The Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court remarked that most of the teenagers are being affected by TikTok.

It may be recalled that the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) had banned Tik Tak across the country on 9 October last year; for not removing pornographic material.

Earlier in September, the PTA had issued orders to the TikTok administration to remove controversial and inappropriate content, and on one occasion the PTA had banned some apps.

The PTA had in July issued a "final warning" to the TikTok administration for inappropriate content. In addition, the PTA had issued notices to the app management several times in the past few months to remove unethical videos.

Following the issuance of notices by the PTA, TikTok claimed that they had removed dozens of controversial videos from Pakistan. while they are ready to work with the government and content developers to produce ethical and good content.

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