Whether Hareem Shah has been Murdered or Not

Whether Hareem Shah has been Murdered or Not


Pakistan's controversial talk star and actress Hareem Shah has dismissed reports of her assassination as baseless.

News was circulating on social media regarding Hareem Shah that she has been killed. However, the actress said in a video message that she is busy in shooting the drama and is well.

She said that she want to inform that she is in good health.

Hareem Shah said that those who share false news on social media should be ashamed and avoid spreading fake news.

She said that those who spread any news for ratings without verification can only be called ignorant.

It may be highlighted that Hareem Shah Hareem Shah is famous for making controversial video and sharing it on her social media accounts. She had recently shared a video of slapping Mufti Abdul Qawi on the videos and photos sharing app Instagram, which went viral as soon as he saw it.

She had shared a video of Mufti Abdul Qawi being slapped on his Instagram, in which Hareem Shah was seen slapping Mufti Abdul Qawi, after which he got up in a hurry.

Similarly, she had shared a video singing a song for Bilawal Bhutto Zardari during the last month. The song was Tumhien Paharoon Ki Qasam, which was sung by Singer Ali Zafar respecting Mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara.

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