Why Aamir Liaquat becomes Trending in Every Ramadan

Why Aamir Liaquat Hussain becomes Trending in Every Ramadan


After seeing the moon of Ramadan every year, what is the thing that knows the art of keeping the entire Pakistani nation happy in one way or another for the next 30 days?

It doesn't matter what the name of his current show is at the moment, he has done about half a dozen Ramadan shows under different names in the past years. That is why we call it Aamir Liaquat Show because these shows are really due to him.

Before we move on, it is important to know why Aamir Liaquat Hussain is under discussion this year.

That is because this year he tried to become Indian Actress Sri Devi by breaking all his previous records and from the video below you can guess why this dangerous 'Nagin dance' stunned the audience.

You can watch this video after the initial 18 seconds and you will get an idea why Aamir Liaquat is trending in Ramadan once again this year. However, by moving forward for 56 seconds, you can avoid the hassle of watching this video.

It is worth mentioning here that Aamir Liaquat is currently a member of the Lower House of the National Assembly of Pakistan and has previously held the post of Minister for Religious Affairs.

The people were not even out of the 'magic' of this video when Aamir Liaquat alias Usain Bolt forced everyone to press their fingers under their teeth with his fast run.

This is not the first time that Aamir Liaquat has fallen like this during a TV show, but this list is quite long and covers many years where the members of the National Assembly have been breaking their own record every year.

The Pakistani people are constantly sharing this video on social media. But they can't help laughing at these funny videos.

People are asking on social media, why does anyone need to do this? The show, which once entertained audiences, is now remembered by the public for its awkward moves that have not stopped for years.

The people expressed their regret over the situation.

A user named Jamal Shah wrote that this is a gross insult to art. I did not expect this from Amir Liaquat. He has become a fake scholar or a fake politician with great success, but his body or mind seems to be doing something else on the music of the Indian film Nagin. Such companions adorn Imran Khan.

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