Amna Ilyas Severely Criticizes Prime Minister Imran Khan

Amna Ilyas Severely Criticizes Prime Minister Imran Khan


Pakistani model and actress Amna Ilyas is criticizing the statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan and says that how much damage is going to be done subsequent to your statement, you will you realize it.

Amna Ilyas has released a video on Instagram requesting Prime Minister Imran Khan to explain his point in full. She said “As much focus you have on pornography, if you take action even 50% of it as per the law, which will definitely make a difference.

Amna Ilyas further said that you are the only Prime Minister after Jinnah and Bhutto, who is listened to by entire Pakistan. You said to see Ertugrul Drama, everyone has seen it. You instructed nation to read book, everyone did.

"I thought you were not insensitive like Modi and Trump therefore, I voted for you," she added. If you are very caring of taking uterus then please withdraw your statement. Otherwise at least you are not my prime minister.

Amna Ilyas, while tagging Imran Khan on Instagram also wrote that she has been saddened, hurt and brokenhearted.

It is highlighted that Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that one of the reasons for increasing number in rape cases within country is blatancy and rudeness.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had said during an alive program of questions from the public that although government has passed strict laws on rape case, however, the reasons for rising in these crimes must also be observed. He had that one of the main reasons in rape case is the spread of pornography.

Imran Khan said that it is not enough to just make law to prevent such incidents but whole society has to play its role to curb such cases.

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