Filmmakers were Trying to have Sexual Relation, Somy Ali

Filmmakers were Trying to have Sexual Relation, Somy Ali


Previous Pakistani-American and Indian actress Somy Ali has made a shocking revelation that when she was working in Bollywood, a few filmmakers attempted to engage in sexual relations with her.

Somy Ali is perhaps the most well-known Bollywood courageous women of 1990. She made films with well-known legends of the time including Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty and Mithan Chakraborty.

Somy Ali had acted in around twelve Bollywood films. She left the United States for India to work in films before 1990 at 16 years old.

Somy Ali was brought into the world in Karachi, the capital of Pakistan's Sindh territory. She moved with her family from Karachi to the United States when she was 12 years of age.

Afterward, before 1990, she left the United States for India. Somy Ali went about 10 years and a half in India and got back to the United States after 2000. She established a NGO called “No More Tears”.

A month ago, Somy Ali uncovered in interview that she was abused in Karachi as a child, at five years old, while she was "raped" in the United States at 14 years old.

Furthermore, presently she has uncovered in a recent interview that while working in Bollywood. She said that few Indian filmmakers attempted to have intercourse with her.

In an interview given to Indian showbiz site 'Zoom TV', Somy Ali said that her experience of working in Bollywood was bad. She said that now she won't work in Bollywood again under any conditions. There were bits of gossip that Somy Ali will work again is Bollywood Showbiz in any case, She precluded the chance of working in Bollywood once more.

As per Somy Ali, while working in the Bollywood industry, a few directors attempted to allure her in different manners to engage in sexual relations with her. But she remained safe herself from every attempt.

Without naming any Bollywood director, Somy Ali said that many filmmakers attempted to trap her.

Somy Ali additionally talked about her relationship with Salman Khan during that time and about living in his home and said that she took in a great deal from Salman Khan.

Somy Ali said that the entryways of Salman Khan's home are available to everybody with no strict segregation. She said that Salman Khan's mom is an awesome lady.

Somy Ali is at present situated in the United States and runs a social organization to help women who have been raped and sexually manhandled.

Somy Ali has acted in well known films released  during 1990s like Andolan, Mafia, Chhap, Teesra Koon, Aao Pyaar Karein, Khaladi, Anth and Yar Ghadar.

Famous melodies recorded on Somy Ali incorporate 'Dil To Khoya Hai, Yehi Peh, Kahin Peh, Nazar Mein To, Jagar Mein To and Tum Hi Tum' and different tunes.

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