Why Actress Meera was admitted in Mental Hospital of USA


Why Actress Meera was admitted in Mental Hospital of USA

Famous Lollywood actress and model Meera, who currently lives in United States, defined the incident happened to her at America.

The actress has given her stance on the 'psychological lockdown' and self-inflicted pain in United States.

The actress said during an interview with the foreign media that there is a group which works against her. This group continues to smudge her character and damage her stardom.

Admitting her visit to the hospital, she cleared that she went to the hospital because she was suffering from a lot of stress.

Actress Meera said that the staff mistakenly thought her as insane when she went to hospital and confiscated her phone.

Actress Meera tried to explain them that "stress and mental instability need to be understood, but they refused to know the difference and admitted her in the hospital."

Meera said that she was in high stress during the whole night and keep calling for help. But no one came to help her. She said that it was terrifying night for her. '

Pakistani actress said that the day after the incident her mother appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid to discharge Meera from the hospital.

Meera said that she was released from the hospital after submitting an application by Pakistani Embassy.

It is highlighted that recently, the news were circulating that Meeraj Jee is admitted in Mental Hospital at America in different news channels and newspapers. Many of the news sources had said that the actress was admitted in hospital due to her inaccurate English and shecould not explain doctors about her trouble. However, she contacted Actor Imran Abbas about the situation. Subsequently, Actor Imran Abbas published a post on his Facebook Account stating about Meera's health

Moreover, her mother also contacted a private news channel authorities about the situation in which she is clarifying about the Meera’s situation and also requesting Pakistani government for assistance.

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