What condition had made Nabeel Zafar for wife before marriage

What condition had made Nabeel Zafar for wife before marriage


Actor, Director and Producer Nabeel is known to most people for his comedic performances but he gained fame for his serious roles.

Nabeel Ahmed was born in Faisalabad, Punjab, later moved to Karachi where he tried to prove himself in acting.

Nabeel Ahmed's birth name is Nadeem Zafar while he is known as Nabeel Zafar in showbiz world.

Nabeel Zafar got married during the year 2000 and after the marriage he remained away from acting for some time. He has four children and he still appears in a few dramas like in the past.

Mostly people know Nabeel Zafar because of his popular comedy drama Bulbulay but very few people know that he performed in the most popular dramas of Pakistan Television (PTV) Dhuwan and Din aur Daldal.

It is surprising that a Pakistani girl living in British state of Scotland fell in love with him and got married to him after watching his popular PTV dramas.

Recently, Nabeel Zafar along with his wife Salma Zafar participated in show private TV channel Aaj 'The Couple Show'. During which, he not only spoke openly about his professional life but also informed his fans about his personal life.

During the program, Nabeel Zafar said that he is 75% dissatisfied with his performance in showbiz till date. He doesn't believe he did a good job.

Nabeel Zafar said that he took a break from acting for some time during the year 2000 due to his marriage and some other issues.

Nabeel said that he decided to direct and produce dramas besides acting after 2006. Thus, he produced 'Bulbulay' during the year 2009 with the help of his two close friends. He said that he was sure that Bulbulay would succeed.

He said that the script of 'Bulbulay' was written by his friend Ali Imran in 2006 but he started working on it in 2009. He further said that role of Hina Dilpazeer was intially planned for some time. But due to achieving the fame by her role as Mumtaz @ Momo, Hina Dilpazeer’s participation was placed permanent.

Nabeel said that during initial shooting 'Bulbulay', Ayesha Omar was also working as a model and video jockey (VJ) in radio. therefore, she had difficulties in the beginning.

Nabeel Zafar said during the program that Ayesha Omar initially considered her role of Khubsoorat in 'Bulbulay' as common but he had told Ayesha Omar in beginning that time the role of 'Khubsoorat' would become her identity in the future.

In the same program, Nabeel Zafar's wife Salma Zafar also talked about her husband and said that she had decided to marry him after watching Nabeel's performance in a PTV drama.

According to Salma Zafar, one day she was watching Nabeel's drama 'Dhuwan' with her friend and she told her friend that if a girl has to marry she should do it with Dhuwan’s Dawood, otherwise she should remain bachelor.

Salma Zafar said that she had said these words to her friend jokingly but then she proved her point of marrying Nabeel. She said after the marriage her friend reminded her words.

Nabeel admitted and appreciated her wife's struggle and love for him. He said that he had dealt a condition at the time of marriage to Salma that she would not go to England after marriage but would stay in Pakistan.

During the program, Nabeel revealed that he had given Rs. 500 as Haq Mahar Moreover, his wife Salma Zafar accepted staying in Pakistan after marriage.

It is highlighted that Nabeel Zafar started acting after 1990. He rose to fame after playing the role of Dawood in the popular drama 'Dhuwan'. The drama gave him an indefinite identity in showbiz industry. He has become more popular after producing as well performing comedy drama “Bulbulay”.

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