Which channel will join Noor Bukhari during Ramadan

which channel will join Noor Bukhari during Ramadan


Actress Noor Bukhari, who given showbiz industry, said that she has rejected TV Channels’ offers to appear in Ramadan transmission.

Former showbiz celebrity arranged questions and answers session on Twitter to during interaction with fans.

During the session, fans asked her if she would appear in Ramadan transmission. In answer to this Noor Bukhari she said no she will not appear Ramadan transmission.

She said that two different channels offered her for Ramadan transmission but she negated their offer.

Noor Bukhari explained the reason for rejecting the offer that she will organize to pray for Allah during the Ramadan, so she will not appear in Ramadan Transmission.

It is highlighted that there were rumors that Bukhari is officially returning to TV after three years during special transmission of 'Amad-e-Ramadan' before Ramadan on Pakistan Television.

It is pertinent to mention that Noor Bukhari had quit showbiz industry after her fourth marriage ended which was ended with divorce during September 2017 and she announced to live according to religious obligations.

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