Pakistanis have offered for marriage, Turkish Actress Sadaf

Pakistanis have offered for marriage, Turkish Actress Sadaf

Turkish actress Sadaf Shaheen, who played the role of Maria in season 3 of the Turkish series Ertugrul Ghazi, has revealed that she has been offered marriage by Pakistani Boys several times.

Recently, Turkish actress Sadaf Shaheen participated in a program of Pakistani actor Imran Khan. This show is being aired on a private TV channel from Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkish showbiz celebrity Sadaf Shaheen said in an interview that "I have received a lot of love and fondness from Pakistanis after airing Ertugrul Ghazi in Pakistan."

Sadaf Shaheen said that her fans from Pakistan appreciate her work through their various messages which is a great pleasure for her

Sadaf Shaheen said during the show that Pakistani boys have offered her for marriage many times.

The actress said that If she fall in love with any Pakistani boy, she would definitely like to marry him with the only condition that she will live in Istanbul. Sadaf Shaheen said she will ingress her husband to stay with her in Istanbul because she love Istanbul city very much.

Turkish actress said that It was very difficult for her to perform roll as Maria in Ertugul Ghazi, because she had never played such roles before this drama.

Sadaf Shaheen said that even before that, one of her plays was also aired in Pakistan. The name of that drama was was 'Fareeha'. She said that  her performance in this drama was also well appreciated by Pakistanis.

She said that she is pleased very much when her fans from all over the world post loving messages for her on social media. She said that she always try to respond to these message of her fans but she can’t do it because of her busy schedule.

It is pertinent to mention that that Turkish series 'Ertugrul Ghazi' was aired in Urdu on PTV on the instructions by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The series is gaining popularity in Pakistan very much.


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