PM Imran Khan decides to enlist Army to Implement SOPs


PM Imran Khan decides to enlist Army help to Implement SOPs

Prime Minister Imran Khan has decides to conscript help of Pakistan Army to implement the Corona SOPs

He said that Pak Army has been instructed to assist police to implement COVID 19 precautionary SOPs.

During NCOC meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan appealed to the nation to adhere to Corona SOPs strictly.

PM Imran Khan appealed to the citizens of country to use masks, as wearing masks are equal to half precautionary measure. If people are not careful, the situation will be faced worse than India in in two weeks.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan‘s conditions is better than India where oxygen has been shortened. If situations happen like India, cities of Pakistan will have to be closed.

Prime Minister said that people are telling for lock down on early basis said. But, lockdown is not being imposed because the poor working class will be affected.

Imran Khan said that COVID 19 SOPs have been implemented in our mosques, since corona has not spread from our mosques. He said that Pakistan was the only country where mosques were not closed. Therefore, I appeal to people to implement SOPs, he said.

Imran Khan said that he has worried that no one is adopting precautionary measures, no one is following SOPs. If we shall not be careful, we have to impose lockdowns. Yet, lockdowns will hurt the economy. Vendors and factories will be damaged. The poor community will suffer the most from the lockdown.

Prime Minister said that Pak Army has been instructed to assist civ administration and police to implement SOPs. He further said that there is shortage of Corona vaccines in world. But, if vaccines are available now, these will take one year to reach everyone. Imran Khan urged nation be to use masks regularly. He said that we have hardly  to implement SOPs of COVID 19

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