Sheikh Rasheed didn't get married because of me, Hareem Shah

Sheikh Rashid didn't get married because of me, Hareem Shah


On the question of marriage to Sheikh Rasheed in the past, TikTok star Hareem Shah, who called her a brother, has said that she is being protected by the Federal Home Minister.

Speaking on Sama TV's program Naya Din, Hareem Shah said that although she has become very popular and busy now, she now remembers her childhood and village.

Hareem Shah said that her friends are her enemies, as much as she treats her friends well, she thinks badly of them and her friends are like snakes hidden in sleeve.

Although Hareem Shah described the friends as snakes hidden in the sleeves, she did not name the friends.

Are they in danger of being killed? In response to a question, Hareem Shah did not explicitly name anyone, but said she was in danger from friends.

Asked about the dangers to life and her safety after the videos of celebrities went viral, Hareem Shah smiled and said that in fact Sheikh Rasheed was behind them.

The TikTok star jokingly said in meaningful sentences that the federal interior minister was not only protecting her but Sheikh Rasheed did not even get married because of her.

On the question of marriage, Hareem Shah said that she believes that couples are formed in the heavens and when she have to get married, it will happen but she do not intend to get married immediately.

The TikTok star said that at the moment their intentions are different and the other thing is that their marriage age has passed.

She admitted that she has a romantic personality and her heart is very sweet, she does not think badly of anyone.

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