Sindh Government announces treatment of Actress Naila Jaffery

Sindh Government announces treatment of Actress Naila Jaffery


The Sindh government has announced financial support for senior actress Naila Jaffery, who is suffering from cancer, after a video of her appeal went viral.

Naila Jaffery has been ill since 2016 and was initially diagnosed with ovarian cancer and later with gastric cancer.

Naila Jaffery was reportedly hospitalized in critical condition 4 years ago in 2017 due to the third stage of cancer.

Naila Jaffery was later discharged after being hospitalized for some time, but she has been receiving treatment since 2016 and is admitted to the hospital from time to time.

The actress had in 2017 refused to accept financial support from the then Central Pakistan Muslim League-N government. However, she later accepted the support of then-President Mamnoon Hussain, as well as financial support from the Sindh government.

After being hospitalized for some time, Naila Jaffery moved to Gilgit-Baltistan, where her rented house was allegedly stoned in mid-2020 and has since been treated in various cities and hospitals. ۔

Recently, a video of Naila Jaffery went viral, in which she appealed to TV owners, playwrights and philanthropists for help.

In the video appealing for help, Naila Jaffery could be seen swearing in a hospital bed and she started weeping while appealing for help.

After the actress's video went viral, people had also appealed to the government to help Naila Jaffery and now the Sindh government has announced its support for Naila Jaffery.

Sindh Culture Minister Syed Sardar Shah, while commenting on the tweet of actor and TV star Furqan Siddiqui who shared Naila Jaffery's video, announced that the Sindh government would provide all financial support to the actress.

Commenting on the actress' video, Syed Sardar Shah wrote that the culture department would bear all the expenses of Naila Jaffery's treatment. At the same time, the Minister of Sindh Culture Department appealed to Furqan Siddiqui to provide the phone number and other necessary information to contact the actress.

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