Jannat Mirza becomes more Popular than PM Imran Khan


Jannat Mirza become more Popular than PM Imran Khan


Pakistan's top model, TikTok star and actress Janat Mirza's has 14 million followers video sharing app TikTok after which she has become the most popular personality in Pakistan.

TikTok model Jannat Mirza from Faisalabad, recently debuted in Lollywood, has 14 million followers on TikTok.

After increase in TikTok followers, Janat Mirza has become the first person in Pakistan to be followed by 14 million users on any social media account.

After achieving 14 million followers’ reward, Janat Mirza has surpassed current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in the competition of popularity.

Jannat Mirza TikTok
Prime Minister Imran Khan was the only personality who has 13.5 followers on Twitter. But now with the increase in Janat Mirza's TikTok followers on TikTok, she has taken the lead in this race.

While taking a look on Janat Mirza's TikTok account, she has uploaded innumerable videos so far which gets millions of likes while her fans also send positive messages to him in the comments section.


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Fans of Pakistan's number one TikTok star not only follow her on TikTok but also Janat Mirza's account on social media site Instagram has been followed by a large number of users.

Currently, 2.1 millions fans follow Janat Mirza on Instagram. She has has made more than a thousand posts on Instagram which include her charming photos and TikTok videos.

It is highlighted that twenty years old Janat Mirza is student of Arts College and resident of Faisalabad, well-known industrial city of Pakistan. She had gone to Japan for educational purposes last year, but she returned back after few days.

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