Pakistan Now will be capable for Producing ICU Ventilators


Pakistan has Developed First ICU Ventilator

 Pakistan has Developed First ICU Ventilator

In neighboring India, Corona is hunting with all its might. The situation is so dire that the number of deaths due to lack of oxygen and ventilators is increasing. While Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission has introduced the first ICU ventilator developed with domestic resources under the name of i-Live.

According to spokesperson of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, DRAP has given formal approval for the manufacture and use of the ventilator. Mass production of the ventilator will begin after final approval. The ventilator was developed by scientists and engineers of Atomic Energy Commission in accordance with prevailing medical standards. The ventilator has also been tested at Jinnah Hospital Lahore declared successful by medical experts, biotechnology and biomedical engineers.

Role of ICU Ventilator for treatment of COVID 19 Patients

A ventilator is medical device used to move respiratory air in and out of the lungs to continue breathing. The importance of this tool is evident from its use. Oxygen and ventilators are always mentioned when it comes to medical facilities. This is because the corona virus first attacks the lungs and if they stop working, no one can stop the path of death except the Almighty Allah. At this stage, the ventilator becomes indispensable for patient so that his breathing can be restored and another trick can be done to save his life.

The engineers of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and the government deserve commendation that the successful manufacture of the ventilator was possible in the country and in this regard we no longer have to thank others. It is not unreasonable to hope that Pakistan will soon become self-sufficient in this field by producing all medical devices in the country.

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