Are Pakistani Cricketers Familiar with Showbiz personalities

Are Pakistani Cricketers Familiar with Showbiz personalities


Videos of Pakistani Cricketers of PSL 6 were released in they were trying to recognize Pakistani Showbiz personalities

The video of Pakistani cricketers was released on 18 May by PSL on Twitter and YouTube. In which the players were shown picture of single person and asked if they recognize or not and if they recognize, name that person.

The videos showed to the cricketers who will be part of the sixth season of PSL, including some new cricketers.

It can be seen in the video that most of the cricketers know almost all the celebrities, who have gone viral but some cricketers do not know the names of the celebrities who have gone viral.

In response to the questions asked by the cricketers after the picture was shown, they were also seen having trouble recognizing some women.

The first video released by the PSL showed to the players was picture of social media star Dananeer Mobeen #Pawri girl, who was recognized by most cricketers but unfortunately not everyone knew her name.

The new players also complained when they were shown picture of Dananeer that she became famous for making only short video and she is known all over the world today but some people got tired of working hard but no one even knows her.

Most of the cricketers in the picture of #Pawri Gril said that this girl is the girl with the video 'Yeh hum, Yeh hamari car hai aur yeh hamari pawri ho rai hai'.

First video also showed the cricketers picture of singer Naseebo Lal singing PSL 6 anthem. All the players not only recognized her but also mentioned her name and praised him.

Surprisingly, the young cricketers did not even recognize Noor Jahan but the senior players not only introduced Madam Noor Jahan but also praised her.

Similarly, the second video of the players was released by PSL on 21 May. The cricketers were shown pictures of Hania Aamir, Jannat Mirza and Ahad Raza Mir and other personalities who went viral on social media.

After seeing the pictures of the celebrities going viral on social media, the cricketers said that they have seen them on social media but their names are not known to them.

In the second video, some cricketers saw picture of Jannat Mirza and said that they had seen her on Tiktok. But they do not remember her name. Some players not only mentioned her name but also called her a social media star. Young cricketers even declared Jannat Mirza as their favorite star.

Similarly, in the second video, almost all the players not only recognized Hania Aamir but also praised her. While former captain Sarfraz Ahmed said that Hania also performed well in 'Ishqia. Hania Aamir was recognized not only by seniors but also junior players and said that she is also the ambassador of PSL team.

Similarly, almost all the players also recognized Ahad Raza Mir and said that he played the role of a soldier in the play ' Ehd e Wafa' in a good way. Some cricketers said that although they know that Ahad Raza Mir is an actor but they do not know his name.

Cricketers’ fans also praised the players for their comments while recognizing the actresses, singers and other personalities and termed their videos as good entertainment.

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